Irish Seed Savers Association

Irish Seed Savers Association

The Irish Seed Savers Association (ISSA) is situated in 20 acres of beautiful, unspoiled natural surroundings. Visitors can enjoy vegetable and flower gardens, polytunnels, native woodlands and apple orchards - an ideal setting for exploring nature.

Their aim is to teach and inspire children about all aspects of biodiversity, to give them the practical life skills to grow their own food, to empower them to feel that they can be part of the solution rather than part of the environmental problem and to instil in them a lifelong love and respect for nature.

End of Year School Tours - May/ June
The Eco tours are suited to all ages from juniors to sixth class. The emphasis is on fun with a strong ecological message. Activities include:

  • Treasure hunt
  • Woodland activities
  • Natural craft making
  • Flower seed sowing
  • Tree sapling sowing
  • Organic pizza making in our cob oven
  • Minibeast hunt

Autumn/ Winter - Sept/ Oct/ Nov/ Dec
At this time of year, the trees slow down and rest, while the flowers tuck their heads into the soil and sleep. Bees cosy up for the winter with enough honey to keep them fed, animals prepare for hibernation and some birds head off to warmer climates. This is also harvest time when we can celebrate nature’s abundance, her hard work and all that she gives.

  • Tasting organic apples
  • Juicing organic apples
  • Seed saving
  • Woodland activities         
  • Native tree seed sowing
  • Minibeast hunt (only in early autumn)

Spring/ Summer - Mar/ Apr/ May/ June
It’s a buzz of activity in the gardens at this time of year. Nature is waking up, the apple trees are blossoming, flowers are blooming, seeds are sown and vegetables are grown. The birds are nesting, the bees are busy collecting nectar and pollinating the plants. It is truly a glorious time of year where you really experience the interconnectivity of all parts of nature.

  • Seed-sowing
  • Treasure and plant hunt
  • Woodland activities
  • Minibeast hunt
  • Plant identification
  • Pond dipping
  • Woodland trail

ISSA is an accredited Discover Primary Science Centre, workshops can be adapted to fulfil step 2 of the DPS award of excellence.

For further information contact, Áine Ní Fhlatharta, Education Coordinator on 061 921866/ 061 921856, email or visit