FAQs | Heritage in Schools


What is the role of the Teacher during a visit from a Heritage Specialist?

The Teacher needs to liaise with the Heritage Specialist in advance of the visit with regard to the content of the visit and the class group they teach. This may include classroom routines, rules, guidance on classroom management or group-work. The Heritage Specialist is a visitor to the school/ classroom and as such, the teacher must be present at all times with the Specialist and the children.

It is to be hoped that the teacher would actively participate in and enjoy the activities which take place during the visit, supporting the development of both their own knowledge and skill as well as those of the children.

How do we pay?

Schools must pay the Heritage Specialist after each visit. Please view the current fee schedule. For every four visits booked with the same Heritage Specialist, the school is entitled to a fifth visit free.

Can the Specialist adapt their expertise to different class levels/ abilities?

Yes, most Specialists can and this will be stated in the Specialist’s profile on the 'Heritage Specialist List' section of this website. However we do advise that you discuss your specific requirements with the Specialist prior to making the booking.

Can the Heritage Specialists be contacted for visits outside of the Heritage in Schools Scheme?

Yes, many Heritage Specialists give workshops and talks in their local communities about their special area of knowledge. They are often called on to contribute during National Heritage Week and other events.

How do you apply to be on the Heritage in Schools Scheme panel of Specialists?

The existing Panel is in place for the period 2020-2024 and it is anticipated that the next national campaign will be sometime in 2023. The national call-out will be advertised on the Heritage Council and Heritage in Schools website and Social Media platforms.

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