Booking Guidelines | Heritage in Schools

Booking Guidelines

  1. Obtain approval for the visit from the School Principal or Board of Management.

  2. Select a Heritage Specialist from the Heritage Specialists list.

  3. Contact the Heritage Specialist and arrange the date, time and duration of the visit.

  4. Plan the content of the visit with the Heritage Specialist and decide what preparation must be undertaken by the expert, the teacher and the pupils prior to the visit.

  5. All bookings must be made in advance of visit with the Heritage Council. Please use our online booking system. Failure to book in advance, may result in the visit not being subsidised by the Heritage Council.

  6. The cost of the visit must be paid directly to the Heritage ESpecialist after each visit. Travel costs are covered by the Heritage Council.

  7. A short online evaluation form must be completed after each visit.

  8. The number of children participating in a visit by a Heritage Specialist should not exceed 30.

  9. The teacher must remain with the class and the Heritage Specialist at all times during the visit.

  10. The Heritage Specialist is not expected to supervise pupils alone, or to visit for longer than the agreed time.

  11. Bookings can only be made for the current calendar year.