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Knitting needles:
Ruth Marshall

Knitting has always been an important skill required for making warm clothes in cold climates. But before you can even begin to knit, you need the basic tools - a set of knitting needles, and some yarn. Here, Ruth will show how you can make your own knitting pins - using sticks, a pencil sharpener and a little bit of sandpaper.

Suited to children of all ages.


• Two sticks - 2 x 24cm lengths of 6mm dowel

• 2 wooden beads with 6mm holes

• Pencil sharpener (topper/parer)

• Small piece of sandpaper

• Beeswax and a soft cloth

• PVA glue

• Pair of secateurs - or - a junior hacksaw

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Ruth Marshall is a member of the Heritage in Schools Panel of Specialists.