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About Heritage Specialists

The magic of local folklore, the gory details of life inside a medieval castle, the abundance of life living on a near-by forest floor or the sound of ancient musical instruments played by our ancestors - all of this and more can be brought directly to you by our panel of Heritage Specialists!

Who are the Heritage Specialists?

Specialists on our panel possess a rich and diverse range of skills and knowledge in a range of specialised areas, many are highly qualified within their chosen field or have extensive experience working within their area. They provide engaging and interactive, cross-curricular learning through storytelling, performance and practical workshops.

Many of the Specialists already have extensive experience of working with children in the classroom and some will undertake their visit as Gaeilge on request!

All Heritage Specialists are Garda vetted and undergo training with the Heritage Council in order to take part in the scheme.

Schools may enter into an agreement with the Heritage Council in accordance with Section 12(3A) of the Vetting Act to share vetting disclosures.

Find a Heritage Specialist near you!

View the full list of Specialists here, each Specialist's profile gives an overview of what sorts of activities the children will enjoy on a school visit. The profile also indicates what class-groups the Specialist works with, if the Specialist will visit schools outside of their own county, whether they work with children with special needs, deliver workshops as Gaeilge or provide practical/hands-on activities for the children.

You can also search for a Heritage Specialist by County, Class Group or Subject (Science/ Geography/ History).

How do you apply to be on the Heritage in Schools Scheme panel of Specialists?

Recruitment for the 2024-2027 panel has been finalised. The panel be in place from January 2024 until December 2027 - there are no plans to run another campaign before spring, 2027.

For queries contact mwalsh@heritagecouncil.ie