Fota Wildlife Park

Fota Wildlife Park

Created to give students a greater appreciation of wildlife, Fota Wildlife Park courses are suitable for students from junior infants up to 6th class.

The content is simplified or made more challenging depending on the age group, but is based on the Irish education syllabus and can be tailored
to compliment any work being done in the classroom.

Children are given a guided tour of the park and taken through basic animal-related terms such as ‘feeding’, ‘behaviours’, ‘habitats’ and ‘threats’. They are also given details about individual animals in an effort to make the experience as relevant as possible. Ecology is touched on by spending time in the woodland areas while a play approach to learning is taken with smaller children.

Fota Wildlife Park is a Discover Primary Science-approved centre and offers DPS-registered schools a specially-created, day-long option that promotes science, technology and maths. Ecology, practical woodland activities and a guided tour of the park are all included and the course counts towards the school’s Primary Science Award. This course runs between September and March but must be booked early and in advance using the school’s DPS number.

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