Dublinia - Experience Viking & Medieval Dublin

Dublinia - Experience Viking & Medieval Dublin

Dublinia, one of Ireland’s top school attractions, has three exhibitions currently running – ‘Viking Dublin’, ‘Medieval Dublin’ and ‘History Hunters’ – an exciting interactive archaeology exhibition!


Students can experience what life was like in Viking and medieval Dublin by exploring fascinating reconstructions of the past. In the ‘History Hunter’ exhibition students see real artefacts and visit an archaeological excavation, a science lab and an historian’s library. Costumed guides bring your class through the exhibitions, paying particular attention to areas relevant to the curriculum. Tours can be tailored to suit all abilities and group sizes.

Primary School Programme

Dublinia’s Learning Pack is designed to ensure students get the most out of a visit. It contains lots of activities that can used as part of lesson plans, before and after a visit to the exhibitions.

Tours through the Viking and Medieval Dublin exhibitions last about one hour. Groups can also be guided through the 'History Hunters' exhibition and can complete a 'History Hunters' activity.

Dig Workshops are available at specific times throughout the year. Students get the chance to be archaeologists and excavate artefacts in Dublinia’s 'dig room'. Max number is 26 pupils per hour session. Cost is an extra €2.00 per pupil. Advanced booking is essential.

Curriculum Links to the Primary History strands & units:

  • Early people and ancient societies (Vikings).
  • Life, society, work and culture in the past (Life in Norman Ireland, Life in medieval towns and countryside in Ireland and Europe).
  • Continuity and change over time (homes, housing and urban developments, food and farming, clothes, literature, art, crafts and culture).
  • Working as an historian (time and chronology, change and continuity, cause and effect, using evidence, synthesis and communication, empathy).
  • Local studies (where applicable) (homes, games and pastimes in the past, buildings, sites or ruins in my locality, my locality through the ages).

The cost is €4.95 per student and advanced booking is essential. Opening hours are from 10am to 5pm all year round.

For more information and to book your visit, go to www.dublinia.ie