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Science, Geography
Curriculum Strands:
Human environments (Geography), Natural environments (Geography), Living things (Science)
Counties catered for:
Carlow, Dublin, Kildare, Wicklow
Classes catered for:
All Classes

Patrick is passionate about environmental sustainability and community self-sufficiency and has designed his own garden in Wicklow where he lives and grows vegetables organically. During Patrick's visits the potential of the school grounds are explored with the children who enjoy practical activities such as garden design and biodiversity plans; what to plant and when to plant it. Practical demos in seed sowing and propagation are provided including a wide range of perennial vegetables and fruit suitable for schools as well as advice and mentoring in the management of a school garden and the preparation of an area for planting. Patrick also shows children how to collect, sketch and examine objects from nature under the microscope - such as leaves, seeds and fungi .

Patrick also likes to take the children out on field trips where they can explore the variety of flora and fauna in the locality and beyond, such as woodland nature walks, birdwatching trips, pond dipping outings and visits to local gardens and parks. Patrick is an architect and organic gardener and imparts a curiosity and love of nature to the children. He has a wealth of experience in primary, secondary and third level education and will run two Face to Face summer courses in 2018 for primary school teachers in Kildare (July) and West Dublin (August) entitled Biodiversity and Gardening in Schools.

Patrick's workshops include some of the following themes:

  • Mini Beasts (School)
  • Birdwatching (School / Field Trip)
  • Biodiversity and garden design projects
  • Sowing and growing vegetables
  • Edible flowers and unusual perennial plants
  • How to set up and manage a composting area
  • Rainwater harvesting
  • Bees (School / Field Trip)
  • Worms and soil (School)
  • Slugs and snails ( School)
  • Butterflys (School / Field Trip)
  • Plastics and their impact on biodiversity (School)
  • Wildflowers (School / Field Trip)
  • Trees and Shrubs (School / Field Trip)
  • Pond dipping (Field Trip based near Blessington Co.Wicklow )
  • Managing a school garden (School Staff)
  • Workshops for teachers ( Croke Park)

Download Plan of Work for a No- Dig School Garden here.


  • "Patrick is a highly valued visitor to the school. His in-depth knowledge of his subject is greatly appreciated by staff and pupils alike."
  • "Patrick Hunts visits to our school are always very informative engaging and interactive and much enjoyed by the pupils. They learn to enjoy and appreciate the natural environment and also how to care for it. They particularly enjoyed examining the natural samples collected in the school grounds under Patrick's very powerful microscope and then drawing them, and they learned a great deal from the exercise."
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  • "Very informative and so full of knowledge . It is great to have access to his expertise."
  • "Fantastic visit. Pupils benefitted so much from hands-on experience."
  • "We had 5 visits and they were all excellent and beneficial."
  • "A very educational and enjoyable day was had by all involved."
  • "We found this visit extremely beneficial. The children really enjoyed it and learnt a huge amount. It gave us a great basis to continue looking at birds in our local environment. Patrick had excellent props and gave us great tips about our own school garden and how to increase its wildlife."
  • "Patrick is excellent and enthused every pupil and teacher so much."
  • "We were very happy with Pat's visit and have requested that he return to us in the next school year."
  • "Patrick is an excellent specialist working with us and our school garden. He is great with the kids and we appreciate all his hard work."
  • "Teachers were so impressed they want me to book Patrick for in-service training for teachers"
  • "Another interesting, stimulating visit from Pat."
  • "As always Patrick provided a very worthwhile and enjoyable learning experience for our children."
  • "Patrick is very knowledgeable and communicates very well with the children and staff." - Scoil Nioclais Naofa
  • "It was a fantastic workshop and Patrick has a great way with the children he kept everyone engaged from beginning to end" - Ballyshannon NS
  • "Really interesting and informative presentation. Lovely way and understanding with children" - Scoil Nioclais Naofa
  • "The workshop was extremely engaging and enjoyed by all children We would highly recommend the facilitator." - Ballyshannon NS
  • "Another excellent visit from Patrick. Children really enjoy the visits" - Sacred Heart Senior School, Dublin
  • "Feedback from class teachers is always very positive. Pat always manages to hold the children's attention. His work is always relevant and interesting. He has a captive audience with teachers and pupils alike."
  • "We always look forward to these visits. Pupils and teachers alike derive great benefit from them"
  • "Patrick is a fountain of knowledge and is passionate about nature in every way. He imparts his knowledge is a quiet way and boys hang on his every word." - St Laurence's BNS, Kilmacud, Dublin
  • "Patrick is a terrific facilitator, passionate about his subject. He is always prepared as if it rains he has an indoor lesson prepared as backup." - Harolds Cross N.S., Dublin
  • "Very pleased with Patrick Hunt's engagement with the school. It is particularly helpful to consistently work with the same it allows us to sustain and build on good practice. This approach has a very positive impact on learning throughout the school." - Scoil San Treasa, Dublin
  • "Pat has facilitated workshops twice in our school and on both visits demonstrated and shared his knowledge and interest on the topics. He really engages the children and the staff and the children learned lots on his visits. We look forward to welcoming him back to our school." - Ballyshannon NS, Kildare
  • "A highly enjoyable visit.The content was highly relevant to the children and informative to teachers and children alike" - St Colmcilles JNS, Dublin
  • "Very professional and great rapport with the children." - Sacred Heart Senior School, Dublin
  • "Patrick is absolutely superb with the children. Generates massive interest and results are amazing." - St Olaf's NS, Dublin
  • "Super day of exploration and learning about the many diverse life forms in our local river" - Scoil Nioclais Naofa, Wicklow
  • "Pat is extremely knowledgeable and engaging. The children really enjoyed the most informative workshops. Pat presented at the children's level and kept the workshop moving along. The children really enjoyed his visit and the teachers felt the workshops were very worthwhile and the children learned a lot about insects and the natural world." - Scoil Naomh Iósaf, Wicklow
  • "Patrick always does great work with the children and they thoroughly enjoyed the visit. We look forward to welcoming him back to our school soon." - Ballyshannon NS, Kildare
  • "Excellent, informative and interesting presentation, as always." - Scoil Nicolais Naofa, Wicklow
  • "Excellent interactive workshops, tailored to the needs and level of the children. Great opportunities for minibeast exploration and questioning. Thoroughly enjoyed by all students. Teachers gained valuable knowledge which is useful for further planning around the topic of minibeasts." - Anon.
  • "Patrick has been visiting our school for over 5 years now. He has such a wealth of knowledge and expertise that we all look forward to his visits- teachers and pupils alike." - St Laurences BNS, Dublin
  • "Patrick provided a highly informative. interactive lesson." - St Colmcilles JNS, Dublin
  • "This is our 4th year to work with Patrick. He knows our site really well now and is a mine of interesting, engaging and useful information. All who work with him learn a lot." - Kilcoole NS, Wicklow
  • "We have worked with Patrick for a few years now and he knows our site very well and utilises it brilliantly. If weather is wet he is well resourced to do indoor lessons" - Kilcoole NS, Wicklow
  • "Patrick is a super expert in his field. Both children and staff learn so much when he visits . Thank you!" - Sacred Heart senior school, Dublin

Additional Information

  • Caters for Special Needs
  • Provides practical/ hands-on activities
  • Provides field trips

Contact Details

087 698 2201