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Science, History, Geography
Curriculum Strands:
Story (History), Early people and ancient societies (History), Life, society, work and culture in the past (History), Human environments (Geography), Natural environments (Geography), Environmental awareness and care (Geography/Science), Living things (Science), Energy and forces (Science)
Counties catered for:
Clare, Donegal, Kerry, Kilkenny
Classes catered for:
All Classes

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Long ago, people lived in harmony with the plants and the trees all around them. Wise women and men knew how to treat plants and all beings of the Earth with love and respect, and how to use healing plants for medicine. Irish stories are full of references to healing plants, and Irish placenames often point to a time when plants and trees were revered, cared for, and protected. It is time for us to look at our past, and look at the natural world through the eyes of a child, to help us create a happier future where we can live in harmony with nature once again.

Marina Levitina is a healer, teacher, and artist, and a certified Forest School leader. She is a herbalist and a certified practitioner of sacred plant medicine She loves sharing the magic of wild plants and trees with children, through storytelling, drawing, film, music, making safe herbal remedies such as Hawthorn tea, Dandelion honey, and Plantain infused oil for cuts and scrapes, and other fun activities that help foster creativity and imagination, while teaching children about Ireland’s biodiversity.

School visits (virtual)

Topic: Music of the Plants: native Irish wildflowers and trees through the arts

Classes: Junior infants to 4th class

Materials: Coloured chalk, pencils, paper, glitter glue, dried flowers and leaves.

Session 1 (pre-recorded, 15 mins)
An introduction to native Irish wildflowers and trees through storytelling, drawing, and music. The children will meet several plants and trees in an old oak woodland, and will be able to hear trees and flowers “sing” through the Music of the Plants biofeedback device. They will hear stories about plants, learn to draw some native wildflowers and trees, and make simple and delicious flower honey.

There are two pre-recorded sessions available, one for the junior and senior infants, and one for 1st- 4th class.

Session 2 (live, approximately 45 mins)

The format of the virtual visit can vary and will be arranged in consultation with the school. Schools can book up to 8 live 45 min sessions.

We will have a live virtual walk through an ancient oak woodland, will learn to identify some native Irish trees, and will see how trees and flowers can make music. These sessions are highly interactive and very enjoyable for the children.

Worksheets & teacher's notes:

Notes for teacher will be provided with relevant links; lesson outline will include curriculum links.


School visits (on-site)

Marina inspires children to connect with the wild plants and trees around them, through the arts and through spending time in nature. We learn about the variety of traditional uses of native Irish plants and trees, while also learning that plants are living beings that play a crucial role in the life of the planet. This knowledge is vital during this time of climate change and biodiversity crisis

As part of her workshops, Marina brings the Music of the Plants biofeedback device that transcodes electromagnetic impulses from a plant or tree into audible sound, creating an unforgettable experience for the children and adults alike.

A full day visit can consist of two sessions for two different classes/age groups. A series of visits can also be scheduled where Marina can come to your school once a week for several weeks, and the children will learn about a variety of plants and trees.

For a short film about local plants that Marina made together with the senior infants of Oughterard NS, “Guardians of the Well” (2016) please see: Guardians of the Well

View Marina's 'music of the plants' and learn to draw a violet here.


  • "Fantastic experience, students learned so much from Marina and really enjoyed the activities." - Flagmount Central NS, Clare
  • "Lovely day for pupils and staff-a pleasure to work with." - Kiltiernan NS, Galway
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  • "The children loved to chat about the plants that they see in their home and school environments. We all enjoyed and learned from Marina's knowledge, passion and good nature. How she related to plants was impactful for us all." - St Brigid's NS
  • "My class really enjoyed the interactive virtual session with Marina. She had them all really enjoyed and I would highly recommend booking it." - Killian NS
  • "Marina was very nice, well prepared, enthusiastic about her topic and fun - engaging for our pupils to mix with" - Moneenroe NS
  • "Marina's love of nature and the artistic element really engaged the children." - Templeorum NS
  • "An excellent interactive event which promotes student engagement and questioning and answering. The closest thing to being in the wood, without actually being in the wood" - St Michael's NS
  • "A wonderful, child friendly, engaging session for children of all ages." - Ballymore NS
  • "Marina was very enthusiastic about her subject and drew us all in with her knowledge and passion. Her workshop was well planned out and the children were engaged at all times. They were encouraged to ask questions throughout the workshop and felt a great sense of pride when they showed their drawings to Marina. We were all really taken with the idea of plants making music and it has really highlighted to us that all plants are alive and that we need to show them respect. It really was a great experience for the children and teacher alike!" - St Joseph's NS
  • "In a recent Live Zoom with Marina, the students were brought on a virtual tour of the local woods, while Marina discussed all things plants, trees and animals with them. It was a most interesting and educational experience for all." - Anon.
  • "We really enjoyed our visit we looked at the red clover and learnt so much. Marina is always so cheerful and seems to love what she does and that enthusiasm spills over in to the children" - St Joseph's ns, Rathdonnell, Donegal
  • "Marina was brilliant on the zoom. She was easy to contact and very friendly. The children and I really enjoyed her session." - St. Feichin's NS, Galway
  • "Marina was fabulous to deal with. She made the whole process so easy and the lesson was perfectly pitched for my class." - Annagh Hill NS, Galway
  • "Marina adapted her lesson to really suit what we wanted to learn more about. It was very engaging and the children were really exposed to the magic of nature.." - Murrintown NS, Wexford
  • "The children & I really enjoyed this session with Marina." - Spa National School, Kerry
  • "Marina shares her passion for nature in an infectious and warm manner. The class loved her." - Raheen Wodd Community NS, Clare

Additional Information

  • Caters for Special Needs
  • Provides practical/ hands-on activities
  • Provides field trips

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