Call for applications: Heritage in Schools Panel of Experts (2018-2020)

The Heritage in Schools Scheme

Call for applications: Heritage in Schools Panel of Experts (2018-2020)


The Heritage in Schools Scheme is an outdoor education programme for primary school children operated by the Heritage Council. The Scheme is unique in Ireland and provides a diverse panel of Heritage Specialists who work directly with children in primary schools throughout the country. It is leading the way in promoting outdoor education and encouraging children to engage directly with the natural and cultural heritage that surrounds them.

Aims of the scheme

  • To generate greater awareness, respect, interest and appreciation of our heritage among primary school children (4-12 year olds) by encouraging both teachers and pupils to engage with their local heritage in a hands-on, interactive and meaningful way, through place-based learning.

  • To encourage learning in the outdoor classroom in order to address the increasing decline in time spent outdoors by Irish children.

Expansion of the panel of Heritage Specialists

The Heritage Council aims to extend the reach of the Scheme to fill existing gaps and is particularly interested in applications from Experts willing to visit schools in the following counties: Carlow; Westmeath; Laois; Longford; Louth; Tipperary; Cavan; Offaly and Monaghan.

Membership of the panel will be for a two year term and subject to a six month probationary period.

Please visit for further information on the Scheme.

Application process

Membership of the Panel will require Experts to:

  • Develop a programme for visits to schools that supports the learning objectives of the SESE primary school curriculum for History, Geography and Science;

  • Be familiar and adhere to operating and child protection policies relating to the Scheme, as required by the Heritage Council;

  • Provide necessary details for Garda vetting when requested;

  • Provide a profile photograph and text for the Heritage in Schools website;

  • Carry Heritage in Schools photo identification cards when visiting schools;

  • Engage in a minimum of five school visits per academic year;

  • Attend annual Heritage Council briefing meeting and training/workshops as requested;

  • Respond promptly to correspondence from the Heritage Council;

  • Have basic IT skills and email access.

Please send a letter of application and application form to

The closing date for applications is 5pm on Friday, 15th September 2017 with interviews in October 2017.