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Curriculum Strands:
Local Studies (History), Early people and ancient societies (History), Continuity and change over time (History)
Counties catered for:
Carlow, Dublin, Kildare, Kilkenny, Laois, Meath, Westmeath
Classes catered for:
All Classes

Mark's workshops are based on Irish Archaeology and are hands-on, practical and stimulating activities which allow children to explore the world around them in a fun, engaging and creative manner. Mark offers Historical Treasure Hunts, Archaeological Excursions, Mini Dig Excavations, Pottery Making, Leather Work and Coin Striking. Workshops can be tailor-made for any schools needs.

Mark has worked as an archaeologist for the past 16 years and holds an MA in Archaeological Practice. He currently runs his own heritage based company the School of Irish Archaeology.


  • "A very child-centred workshop. Great Q&A time. Differentiated for each class setting."
  • "There was a great sense of excitement about the Big Dig Visit. The weather was awful ..but Mark and his team were wonderful. They set up their trailer and brought tonnes of artefacts for children to find in the treasure ground of the big trailer. The initial talk set the scene and was always at a level suitable to the age group. Tasks were explained very clearly and the children were involved at every stage. Great care was taken to involve all the children and small diffculties were handled deftly. There was a feedback session at the end of each workshop where the children could discuss what they had found. All classes were involved in small groups over the 2 days. It was a great experience for all involved."

Additional Information

  • Caters for Special Needs
  • Provides practical/ hands-on activities
  • Provides field trips

Contact Details

087 7556808

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