Teachers' Resources

Teach your pupils how to build a giant nest, create a butterfly garden or make their own family tree!

The resources provided here have been submitted by Heritage Experts, teachers or prepared by other educational organisations. The resources are both fun and educational and are designed to inspire and develop an appreciation and curiosity about Ireland’s wonderful natural and cultural heritage.

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Feedback form

Your feedback is important to us and allows us to monitor your level of satisfaction both with the Scheme itself and with the Experts involved. The data collected will also allow us to identify and fill any gaps in the Scheme in terms of the geographic spread of visits and topics covered.

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Make A Pop-Up Landscape

Pop-up cards are a popular and often enchanting way of drawing ideas together or giving people a chance to integrate their new knowledge of an idea or a place into a quick creative form. There are lots and lots of folds and movements you can use.

From Apathy To Empathy: Reconnecting People & Place Symposium

A symposium with leading international and national experts in place-based education took place in August 2012 in Kinvara, Co. Galway. This unique event brought together thinkers and practitioners who specialise in the theme of place-based learning, which encourages the use of the local environment as a learning resource. Feedback from organisers, speakers and attendees is available to listen to on Sound Cloud.

Create Your Own Colourful Characters

A quick activity that can offer delightful characters to use in building stories, having adventures or unfolding the life of an old building. 

Create A Lace-Up Book

This is a good technique for collecting ideas and experiences gradually, perhaps over the course of a workshop or several workshops. It is ideal for collating a series of activities, each one generating a different page and it's easy to add more pages later and let books continue to grow.

Create A Butterfly Garden

Our Heritage in Schools Expert, Geoff Hunt has prepared a great worksheet on creating your own butterfly garden at your school.

Butterfly Identification App For Android

Use this app to identify Irish Butterflies and report their sighting to the National Biodiversity Data Centre if you wish.