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Historical Mapping

Michele Castiaux
Michele Castiaux 3
Michele Castiaux 2
Michele Castiaux 1
Kinnitty NS
Science, History, Geography

This project was facilitated in Kinnitty NS and funded by Cruinniú na nÓg and Offaly Co. Co. but would be ideal for a 5 visits series with the Heritage in Schools Scheme.

Over a number of sessions, the children of 3rd-4th and 5th-6th classes learned to manipulate historical maps (6-inch maps and 25-inch maps) as well as current O.S. maps.

The study of historical maps helped them identifying the “new” and “old” features in their school’s area. We then brought our historical maps to visit Kinnitty village. This allowed us to identify historical roads and buildings, buildings that had disappeared as well as more recent features.

We went on to put together an A1 version of the local O.S. survey map on which we indicated the places that had a meaning to us such as the Churches, the cemetery, the G.A.A. pitch, etc. During this process, we learned about scale, the concept of North point and we made an attempt at calligraphy!