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UCD Classical Museum

UCD Classical Museum

A trip to UCD Classical Museum includes a guided tour of the museum’s treasures along with a hands-on session with the museum's collection. 

These visits bring history to life and give children a valuable insight into how people lived in ancient times. Visitors learn about mythical monsters and ancient heroes and what daily life was really like in ancient Greece, Rome and Egypt. How did Herakles defeat the snake-headed Hydra? What were the first Olympic Games all about? What happened when the Romans went to the public baths? How and why did the Egyptians make mummies? And what did everyone eat?

Visits to the museum are suitable for 3rd to 6th class and no fee is charged (although donations are accepted).

For more information or to arrange a visit, contact the curator, Dr Jo Day at joanna.day@ucd.ie or phone 01 716 8476.