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Bog of Allen Nature Centre

Bog of Allen Nature Centre

The centre offers a range of programmes which encourage primary level pupils to engage and learn about wildlife. All programmes provided are linked to the national curriculum, so on visiting the centre, students combine fun and active-learning in one step.

A choice of two programmes are provided:

  • Discover Primary Science - ‘Walk on Water - Ecology of Bogs’
    This links with the DPS ‘Surface Tension and Bubbles’ activity sheet and extends it to a field study investigation of a bogland habitat.
  • Learning Outside the Classroom – Primary Science
    This programme includes a guided visit to the Peatland Nature Museum at the centre, a quiz and a choice of two further activities from the following list: pond dipping, woodland mini-beasts, traditional Irish cottage, nature crafts, multi-sensory earth walk, visit to Lodge Bog - a conserved, raised peatland, and flytraps - insect eating plants.

Visits are also provided by Education Officer, Nuala Madigan under the Heritage in Schools Scheme. ‘Bringing Bogs into the Classroom’ offers students an opportunity to study a peatland near your school or to simply study peatlands within the classroom.

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