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Kerry Writers' Museum

Kerry Writers' Museum

Located in a splendidly restored 19th century Georgian residence adjacent to Listowel Castle, Kerry Writers’ Museum brings you on a voyage of discovery through an audio-visual feast for the mind and soul.

Ignite your imagination and discover a dream world, a whole world of magic told by the Seanchaí – the bearer of Irish folklore. Embark on a journey set against the canvas of some of the greatest wordsmiths the country has ever seen, including John B Keane (The Field), Bryan MacMahon and Maurice Walsh (The Quiet Man). There will be mystery, there will be murder, there will be love, there will be comedy and then there will be more magic.

No other part of Ireland has ever produced as many world-class writers and storytellers. At Kerry Writers Museum we celebrate their work and invite you to gaze through the windows of wonder to discover a wider and greater world.

Step back in time and explore the history of this ancient landscape in our new interactive exhibition ‘Listowel through the Ages’. From Medieval Ireland and the Famine, to the turbulent years of War and Independence students will encounter enchanted underwater cities, rebellious Knights, and the world’s strangest train!

Our School Tour Programme offers a wide variety of activities from guided tours by costumed characters, storytelling sessions, creative writing workshops and historical re-enactments.

For further information visit or call 068 22212.