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Fenor Bog

Fenor Bog

Fenor Bog is a regenerating valley fen which was formerly a raised bog where turf was cut. Owned by the Irish Peatland Conservation Council it was designated as Waterford's first National Nature Reserve in 2004.

Fenor Bog is a naturally regenerating fen habitat, extremely rare nationally and internationally, supported by plentiful, unpolluted groundwater and air. It has a rich biodiversity with over 225 plants and animals and is a refuge for some of the only occurrences of plant and animal species that are found no where else in the county of Waterford. It has been described as the best dragonfly site in Waterford. A great way to appreciate the very best Fenor Bog has to offer is to walk the 500m boardwalk which tracks through the variety of the habitats present on the fen and allows visitors to discover its wildlife secrets.

The bog contains mainly birds of the open country and bog land. Breeding Snipe, Cuckoo, Stonechat, Warblers, Reed Bunting and Barn Owls all occur here. To a lesser extent the Short-eared owl has also been seen here.

For more information visit the Irish Peatland Conservation Council.

Text courtesy of Discover Ireland. Image courtesy of Irish Peatland Conservation Council.