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Carrowkeel Megalithic Complex

Carrowkeel Megalithic Complex

Carrowkeel is a beautifully situated neolithic hilltop passage tomb complex consisting of 14 passage cairns identified with letters. The passage cairns are spread across a number of hills that form part of the Bricklieve Mountain range (the Irish name Breac sliabh means speckled mountain).

Carrowkeel is one of a series of limestone plateaus aligned towards Knocknarea. The plateau to the east is Doonaveeragh and to the west there are the Carn Mor and Treanscrabbagh plateaus. There is a small car park between the two hills in the top image. Although Carrowkeel is the highest point, it is also the easiest hill to access. Most visitors to the complex will visit the four main cairns on this plateau. These are numbered G,H K and L. On your way up to them you will pass by an unnamed ruined cairn.

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Text and image courtesy of Megalithic Ireland.