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Ballyhoura Outdoor Classroom

Ballyhoura Outdoor Classroom

Ballyhoura Outdoor Classrooms are unique and inspiring places provided by a not-for-profit community organisation, to be a part of every local school’s learning environment.

Each ‘classroom’ is a beautiful, natural place, specifically chosen and managed for learning about nature. Griston Bog is a raised bogland habitat with facilities that are designed to cater for outdoor activities in science and maths. Lough Gur is a Neolithic archaeological site which facilitates learning about history and science, while Doneraile Court and Park is a 17th Century Demesne with an abundance of space to explore the flora, fauna and aquatic life along the river.

Lesson-plans have been developed that teachers can use to teach selected parts of the school syllabi. Teachers may select from these tried and tested lessons or alternatively plan and deliver their own. All fieldtrips are self-guided by the visiting school. Training in the use of Ballyhoura Outdoor Classrooms is available for teachers throughout the year.  Ballyhoura is an accredited Discover Primary Science and Maths Centre.

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