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Tina  Keating 3 D Solar System Created By The Children
Tina  Keating   An Erupting Volcanoe Created By The Children During The Volcanos, Rocks And Fossils Workshop
Tina  Keating   Creating A Giant Mosaic Using The Natural Materials Found On The Beach
Tina  Keating   Rock Pool Survey, Part Of A Beach Visit, Discovering The Natural World
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Science, Geography
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Human environments (Geography)
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All Classes

Tina is a geologist and is fascinated with the Earth and how it works. Her expertise and interests include: rocks, minerals, fossils, gems and jewellery, earth processes, earth history, mining history, coastal processes, biodiversity and the environment.

Field-trips give children the opportunity to experience our coastline as an outdoor museum and a living laboratory, with discovery learning through fun games and creative activities. Coastal activities are designed to raise awareness of the world around us, to develop observational skills and encourage curiosity and imagination.

Incorporating the rock cycle, how rocks and minerals are formed, erosion, plate tectonics, earth history, ancient desert, ocean and volcanic environments.

Discovering all the different species that inhabit the dynamic environment of our seashore with a rock pool survey combined with a habitat game and the children also create a giant beach mosaic on the sand using all natural materials found on the beach.

For those unable to visit the coastline she will bring the wonders of our planet Earth to your school with fun presentations and lots of interesting rock, mineral and fossil samples to examine. Pupils can explore topics such as volcanoes, earthquakes, rocks, minerals, gems, fossils, dinosaurs, earth history and the Ice Age. Fun activities include creating fossil moulds and casts, cave painting, erupting volcanoes, the solar system or a plate tectonics jigsaw. All designed to encourage an inquiring, creative mind and artistic spirit.


  • "Overall Tina did a magnificent job and catered for maximum of 30 children at a time. She showed children a Powerpoint of volcanoes and then made one with the children. She was extremely knowledgeable and catered for everyone."
  • "Tina had a great way with the children and the language and information used was very well pitched for their age group. there was a good mixture of activities. The children thoroughly enjoyed the day and the follow up worksheets were an excellent idea. they generated a lot of discussion back in the classroom. Tina was so helpful when contacted to arrange these fieldtrips. She answered all of our queries promptly and advised us of the Five Series Visit offer. As a result we have booked for 3 more trips for the autumn term."
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  • "Well presented, fun and interactive. Very informative."
  • "The children had a great morning on Annestown beach, exploring the rock pools, playing the habitat game and completing a scavenger hunt. Their awareness of the importance of taking care of the environment was enhanced as was clearly evident in their pebble pledges." - Holy Family Junior School, Waterford

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  • Provides practical/ hands-on activities
  • Provides field trips

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