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Science, Geography
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Natural environments (Geography), Environmental awareness and care (Geography/Science), Living things (Science)
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Having worked as a field studies instructor in Killarney National Park Education Centre for the past 11 years, I have gained a wealth of experience delivering various environmental programs to children of all ages, backgrounds and abilities. I am enthusiastic and truly passionate about working with students in the outdoor environment and have a willingness to keep learning to keep up with curriculum changes as well as changing environmental policies.

In-person school visits

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Using pooters and nets, children will collect invertebrates from their school yard, which they can later examine under a microscope and identify using simple identification keys.

Children will be provided with a picture chart of leaves, pinecones, seeds, etc which they will be asked to find. They must act like a scavenger and only collect up what is already dead on the ground!

Children will be provided with a list of different leaves they will need to find; this will help them learn to identify the various trees in the habitat they are studying. We will also play games using the trees including the use of stethoscopes and mirrors.

An educational and informative Powerpoint presentation on the mammals of Ireland. There will also be a collection of taxidermy mammals on display for the children to examine and touch. The habitats and adaptations of each animal will be discussed.

Explore the habitats of Killarney National park with lots of interactive activities including mammal trapping, pond dipping and bug hunts.


  • "We thoroughly enjoyed Tara's visit to our school. Her enthusiasm and interest added to the session. The information was well presented and child friendly. Her patience and understanding with all the children was astounding. She answered every question and anecdote from the children with a smile on her face. We were so impressed with the whole experience!" - Scartaglen NS, Kerry
  • "Very enjoyable and informative visit for all. Seeing the stuffed animals and being able to rub them was a unique experience and made learning about them much easier. The bug hunt was very popular and the children learned how to use equipment to find and examine bugs." - Loughfouder NS, Kerry
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  • "Tara was excellent with the children. She really engaged with them and in turn the children thoroughly enjoyed the visit." - Scoil Réalt Na Mara, Kerry

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  • Provides in-person visits
  • Caters for special needs
  • Provides practical/hands-on activities
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