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Steffi  Otto 1
Steffi  Otto  Traditional Woodwork And Natural Materials 3
Steffi  Otto  Ireland's Forgotten Heritage Rope
Steffi  Otto  Ireland's Forgotten Heritage Rope Making And Traditional Toys And Games 1
Steffi  Otto  Ireland's Forgotten Heritage Rope Making And Traditional Toys And Games 3
Steffi  Otto  Straw, Hay And Rush Making 2
Steffi  Otto  Straw, Hay And Rush Making 4
Steffi  Otto  Straw, Hay And Rush Making 5
Steffi  Otto  Traditional Woodwork And Natural Materials 2
Science, History, Geography
Curriculum Strands:
Continuity and change over time (History), Human environments (Geography), Natural environments (Geography)
Counties catered for:
Cavan, Donegal, Leitrim, Mayo, Roscommon, Sligo
Classes catered for:
All Classes

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  • "This was a fabulous day for all concerned, with the pupils enjoying learning about St. Brigid, about local customs around the festival and about Spring and its importance in times past. The pupils also got the opportunity to dress up as Biddy Boys and Girls using the fabulous costumes that Steffi brought, all made by herself. They donned huge straw hat/masks, straw skirts and mantles and had many photographs and videos taken. Later in the afternoon, they made an individual green house type picture, where they have set butter beans, and will be looking forward to watching them germinate."
  • "A most informative and entertaining day. We really enjoyed it."
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  • "Fabulous! Steffi was brilliant with the children and staff alike."
  • "All pupils learned how to construct a St Brigid's Cross and the task was differentiated for younger pupils who found this task difficult. The children loved seeing the rush lights and understanding why these were used in the past. Very informative for pupils and teachers. Children helped make butter with the butter churn, used a stamp for their own portion of butter to bring home. A 'Heritage in Schools' day is always a positive learning experience for the pupils."
  • "A great day in the school garden.... learning out of doors. Understanding the diversity of life in ecosystem and how all are co-existing."
  • "A great day for pupils. Practical hands on experience on site. Brilliant!"
  • "The children loved it. They made ropes from hemp and wool. These were used and will be used in the future for skipping. The whole day went down a treat. It was also brilliant that they got to keep what they made. Great memory of the day."
  • "Excellent Workshop, both teachers and pupils enjoyed the visit. Steffi was excellent with the kids."
  • "The children thoroughly enjoyed Steffi’s visit. She worked at an appropriate level with each class group. The workshops were interactive, interesting and full of excellent information. Steffi was very knowledgeable on her topic. The children found the workshops fun and love the skipping ropes they can now keep and use in the yard. Thank you for a great day of lovely workshops." - Rathbane N.S., Mayo
  • "We thoroughly enjoyed our workshop. We would highly recommend Steffi." - Coolbock NS, Sligo
  • "Steffi was excellent with all the children. She kept them engaged yet got across plenty of information. She had laminated photos to explain details of the history of rope making to the children and had them active for more than 70% of the time." - St. Patrick's NS, Leitrim
  • "We really enjoyed Steffi's visit, the children were engaged, Steffi had a good rapport with the children." - St Garvan's NS, Donegal
  • "Children really enjoyed engaging with games from the past and had great fun! We made ropes which we can use again in the future." - Killaghtee NS, Donegal
  • "As usual, an absolutely fantastic day with Steffi who interacted marvellously with the children and also with the new members of staff. Would recommend Steffi to any school as she adapted her method of teaching to cover the youngest child in the school up to the oldest." - Anon.
  • "Fantastic workshop, we really enjoyed every minute of our day." - Coolbock NS, Dublin
  • "An excellent educational experience for the children, the day was enjoyed by all." - Drumfad NS, Donegal
  • "Very interesting, interactive day, engaged in rope making, children’s playground games from long ago and an introduction to a variety of heritage toys and household objects made from rushes." - Killavil NS, Sligo
  • "The Children learned a lot and enjoyed the day." - Mullaghroe NS, Sligo
  • "Always enjoy her visits .Kids learn so much." - Anon.
  • "All children from junior to senior classes were captivated by it and were able to take part." - Drumeela NS, Leitrim
  • "Pupils really enjoyed making skipping ropes and playing old yard games." - Anon.
  • "Steffi was do knowledgeable and friendly. She was excellent." - Anon.
  • "Steffi was amazing and the kids really enjoyed the day." - Scoil an Aingil Choimhéadaí, Donegal
  • "Our students (Special School) loved working with Steffi. She is so knowledgeable and passionate about her subjects area that the students were fully engaged. She ensured that all understood what she was doing and encouraged their active participation" - St Joseph's Special School, Sligo

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  • Provides in-person visits
  • Caters for special needs
  • Provides practical/hands-on activities

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