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Ross Cochrane

Ross Cochrane
Science, History, Geography
Curriculum Strands:
Local Studies (History), Early people and ancient societies (History), Human environments (Geography), Natural environments (Geography), Environmental awareness and care (Geography/Science), Living things (Science), Materials (Science), Energy and forces (Science)
Counties catered for:
Cavan, Donegal, Leitrim, Longford, Louth, Mayo, Meath, Monaghan, Roscommon, Sligo, Westmeath
Classes catered for:
All Classes

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Providing lessons inside and outside a classroom setting; workshops are play-centred, inclusive of activities and games, objects from nature and with a strong emphasis on the Irish Language. Activities can be tailored to suit location, are age appropriate and inclusive of worksheets, which explore nature, plant identification, creatures and species as well as archaelogy, ancient sites and ancestral crafts. Ross is passionate about instilling a curiosity and appreciation of nature through the biodiversity that connects and surrounds us.

This visit is play-centred; delivered through fun, vibrant and exciting lessons which involve Children exploring and learning about nature in their surroundings. Inclusive of lots of activities and games, including objects from nature, with a strong emphasis on the Irish Language; topics include animal sounds and movements / following animal tracks, woodland crafts, Irish plant names, the stories and folklore associated with them.

Lessons can be delivered on and off-site as a nature walk; identifying plants and trees, discussing their symbolism and how they were used by our ancestors. Topics explore how to identify medicinal, harmful and edible plants and how our ancestors respected and used these plants, living connected to and as part of their environment.

Exploring a 10,000 year old history, discovering the wild bogs of Ireland; children learn how they were formed after the last ice age, their cultural associations and uses, towards gaining an awareness of the climate and ecological impacts of Bogs and their restoration. - As part of classroom learning process’ the pupils will make their own 'Bog in a Bottle', getting their hands dirty, understanding the composition and materials of ‘what makes a bog’.

This lesson also examines wetland wildlife; plants, creatures, mammals and insects as well as insectivorous plants, wading birds and cranes which inhabit the environment. – This lesson is also available as a guided walk along a local bog, where netting, catch and release and the sampling for aquatic organisms are examined and identified through explorative activity sheets and visual aids.

Discover the ocean through fun experiences and curiosity, hunting for seashells, rock-pooling and dipping for coastline dwellers. Inspirational learning activities are designed for children to expand their knowledge of our oceans, coastline environments and causes and effects of climate on the marine life that calls it home. Topics include; ecology and habitat food webs; pollution, and climate change; as well as meditative sand sculpture and sounds of the sea activities.

Lessons are inclusive of fun and informal learning, examining the ever-changing seascape environment; sea cusps and sea foraging as well as stories of peoples and islands; mermaids and creatures that inhabit and surround the sea.  A visit can be delivered through visual aids in the classroom, or as an on-site visit to a coastal area and / or beach session, where they can examine creatures in their natural habitat.


  • "A lovely day exploring our school grounds. The children were actively engaged all day and gained lots of information about the natural environment around our school." - Barnacogue NS, Mayo
  • "Ross was fantastic with the children and kept repeating things and asking the children questions to ensure they were learning. Ross visited the school beforehand and checked out the environment he would be working in and was therefore very familiar with the surroundings. I would highly recommend Ross to other schools and it was a pleasure working with him." - Killygarry NS, Cavan
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  • "A very worthwhile and enjoyable day. Ross was very, very knowledgeable indeed. Thank you!" - St Daigh's NS, Monaghan
  • "A lovely day exploring our school grounds. The children were actively engaged all day and gained lots of information about the natural environment around our school." - Barnacogue NS, Mayo
  • "Very informative and highly educational, kept the children engaged and was thoroughly enjoyed." - Corliss NS, Cavan
  • "The pupils had an amazing day exploring the great outdoors!" - St. Attracta's NS, Roscommon
  • "Very enjoyable. Ross was very well informed." - St Daigh's NS, Monaghan
  • "Something really different and interesting . Children took a real interest in this out door learning" - Farnham NS, Cavan
  • "Ross was fantastic, absolutely brilliant! The children and the class teacher loved him." - Model School Bailieborough, Cavan
  • "This was an excellent informative visit. The children really enjoyed learning about plants and animals around out school grounds." - Miltown NS, Cavan
  • "Excellent, all classes thoroughly enjoyed the visit." - Knockconan NS, Monaghan
  • "The Heritage expert Ross Cochrane was excellent on the subject and spoke to the children on their level." - Bunscoil Lughaidh Naofa, Monaghan
  • "We thoroughly enjoyed the day and learnt a vast amount about the tress and plants in our hedgerow and our school yard. Ross had an excellent rapport with the children and maintained their interest throughout the tour. Thank you Ross." - Killeevan Central NS, Monaghan
  • "Ross is a wealth of knowledge and the children and staff thoroughly enjoyed the sessions. Everything was child friendly and age appropriate and we all learned so much from him. We are working towards our Green-Schools flag on Biodiversity and Ross visit tied in nicely with this. It also brought in folklore too. Thoroughly enjoyable. Ross was also very flexible and worked around our lunch times and covid procedures." - St. Michael's NS, Monaghan
  • "This was a wonderful visit. The children learned so much about the biodiversity within their own school grounds before we even went further afield...we definitely look forward to a future visit to further explore our natural world around us!" - Clogher NS, Mayo
  • "Ross was a fantastic facilitator, all the children were engaged and lots of fun games and activities." - Foxford NS, Mayo
  • "Excellent tutor" - Kilnaleck NS, Cavan
  • "We were very impressed by the vast knowledge of the heritage officer and delivery of the content using a range of methodologies." - Curravagh NS, Cavan
  • "An extremely informative and enjoyable experience" - Killeshandra NS (C. of I.)
  • "Excellent Heritage in schools visit. Pupils thoroughly enjoyed it." - St. John's NS, Mayo
  • "Ross was fantastic with the pupils. Every pupil was engaged and listening at all times. Really great content too!" - Killeen NS, Mayo
  • "Ross was excellent. The children thoroughly enjoyed the experience, found loads to fire their interests in nature and our local environment." - Callystown NS, Louth
  • "The visit went really well and the children really enjoyed the day. Ross was very good with the pupils ad they responded very well to him. We look forward to having Ross back again soon." - Fatima NS, Leitrim
  • "Very informative and practical visit that was an enjoyable experience for all." - St Bernard's NS, Longford
  • "Ross was very easy to deal with and the children found him to be very interesting and engaging." - Robinstown NS, Meath
  • "Excellent from start to finish, from booking to consultations with the expert and the actual week. Ross was really flexible and so helpful, working with both teachers, visiting teachers and pupils. He researched the area before he came and was able to recommend locations. When it was raining torrentially on one of the days he completely changed to an indoor programme with more fantastic activities. Highly recommend" - St. Paul’s NS, Meath
  • "The children enjoyed the interactive part and the games" - St Baithin’s NS, Donegal
  • "Extremely knowledgeable expert who created a wonderful learning experience for the children." - St. Peter's NS, .Meath
  • "Lovely Presentation. Thank You Ross" - St Colmcille NS, Longford
  • "Ross was just fantastic - he gave 110% to the pupils from start to finish. He made a genuine connection not just with pupils but with our school and our history." - Leckaun National School, Leitrim
  • "Very happy with how Ross interacted with the children. The content of the programme was very good." - Coronea N.S. Arva, Co. Cavan
  • "A very informative and enjoyable day. The children engaged well and gained a deeper appreciation of the complexity and fragility of their natural environment." - Drumacruttin National School, Monaghan
  • "A fantastic and very enjoyable day with Ross. The children really enjoyed learning about their local school environment and the visit was a very worthwhile experience for all the pupils thanks to Ross' knowledge and expertise." - Scoil Chroi Naofa, Westmeath
  • "It was a lovely experience for all classes. Ross was very engaging and kept the children's interests all day." - Drumraney NS, Westmeath
  • "Yesterday's Heritage Visit at Emper N.S and its environs from Ross was very successful. The children really benefitted from Ross' knowledge that he so generously shared with us. Much was learned about our local flora & fauna. The day's programme complimented our SESE learning objectives. Míle Buíochas!" - Emper NS, Westmeath
  • "Very enjoyable and informative visit. The pupils were very engaged." - St. Ernans N.S.
  • "Very happy with visit, Ross had great knowledge and interacted very well with all age groups." - Scoil Mhuire, Westmeath
  • "Ross was extremely professional with the excellent use of gaeilge. His content was engaging and the children thoroughly enjoyed their session." - Kilmore Central National School, Cavan
  • "Great experience for the kids and Ross has a great manner with the children and a great personality" - Streamstown NS, Westmeath
  • "Fantastic experience." - Scoil Mhuire, Clontibret, Monaghan
  • "Our school had 2 wonderful days with Ross. Th pupils really responded to his sessions and enjoyed them. We all learned plenty during the two days." - Scoil Mhuire Naofa, Leitrim
  • "A very well organised and enjoyable day thanks to Ross' knowledge and expertise. The pupils gained a great amount of knowledge about their local environment. A very worthwhile experience." - Scoil Chroí Naofa, Leitrim
  • "Ross was an excellent heritage expert who fully engaged with all classes.The classes were all active during the session and were fully focused at al times. Ross had a great way with the children and the sessions were enjoyed by all classes." - Scoil Treasa Naofa, Donegal
  • "The Heritage visit was amazing. Both children and teachers thoroughly enjoyed it. Ross was super with the children and they learned so much." - St. Michael's, Westmeath
  • "Would recommend disposable blindfolds for teachers during bat activity." - St. Mary’s, Westmeath

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  • Provides in-person visits
  • Caters for special needs
  • Provides practical/hands-on activities
  • Provides field trips
  • Visits as Gaeilge

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