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Science, History, Geography
Curriculum Strands:
Early people and ancient societies (History), Natural environments (Geography), Environmental awareness and care (Geography/Science), Living things (Science), Energy and forces (Science)
Counties catered for:
Carlow, Clare, Kerry, Kilkenny
Classes catered for:
All Classes

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Orla Bates is a visual artist and qualified art teacher with a special interest in science and heritage. Orla has been working with primary schools for over ten years, offering engaging art workshops which use the natural world to inspire creativity through art.

School visits (virtual)

Topic: Drawing from Nature

This workshop explores and investigates hedgerows as habitats through visual art and outdoor learning. Orla provides examples, guidance and support for creating collaborative scroll drawings, developed from student’s discoveries of natural environments in the school grounds.

Classes: 2nd to 6th

Materials: Scavenger hunt cards; A3 / A2 paper cartridge paper; tape; pencils; oil pastels; drawing pens; mixed drawing materials that are available in school; watercolour paints (optional) Corrugated card

Session 1 (pre-recorded, 15 mins):

A guide to flora and fauna of hedgerows and engagement activities on what to look out for including examples of how to gather and record findings outdoors.

Session 2 (live, up to 1 hour)

In the live visit Orla will guide the children through a drawing session to make collaborative scroll drawings based on observing gathered material.

Worksheets & teacher's notes:

A PDF will be provided with teacher guidelines for facilitating the outdoor session exploring hedgerows or other habitats that might be found near the school.


The workshop will link to the Visual Arts, Science and Geography curriculums.

School visits (on-site)

*On-site visits temporarily suspended due to COVID-19

Visits provide teachers with a wide range of hands-on art projects that explore the themes of biodiversity, wildlife and living things. Each project also supports a strand in the visual art and science curriculum. Examples of projects include learning about animal life cycles through fabric and fibre; build a bird identification mobile through construction; and learn about hedgerows through printmaking.

Each visit includes practical, hands-on learning experience through art-making projects. Learn about acid rain and plants by making a greenhouse garden in your classroom window, explore the secret world of wild flowers, get down and dirty with the surprising science of soil, make your own growing paper and many more curious discoveries!

All workshops and lessons and can be specially tailored and adapted to best suit the needs and preferences of each class and school.


  • "Orla was excellent and held the children's attention throughout the zoom call. Would love when restrictions allow for Orla to come back to school as fantastic experience." - Boolavogue NS, Wexford
  • "My class and I had a very positive experience. The pre recorded video, nature hunt cards and hedgerow quiz we were sent were all very child and teacher friendly, and ticked many strands of the SESE curriculum. Children really enjoyed getting out in nature and had a structured visit to the garden and wildlife areas in our school using the resources Orla had sent. Orla is a wonderful artist and taught the art lesson in a way I never could. The children were so mindful as they followed Orla's lesson on zoom. A great experience for all." - Mercy Moyderwell Primary School, Kerry
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  • "The children thoroughly enjoyed the session and engaged very well considering it was a virtual session." - Scoil Moling Glynn , Carlow
  • "Super professionalism from Orla. Wonderful ideas, classroom management, lovely manner with both students and teachers"
  • "Órla has been coming to our school for quite a few years now to participate in our Annual Arts Week. Her workshops are always a highlight of the week for students and teachers alike. Órla has a fantastic way with the children and ensures that they become totally immersed in the subject matter. As always we would like to thank the scheme for giving us the opportunity to have her back again and we look forward to having Órla back again."
  • "From planning to the implementation of the lessons, Orla was excellent" - Kilmore NS
  • "Really lovely class, children got so much from it, highly recommend to other teachers" - Kilmore NS, Wexford
  • "This was our last visit form Orla. The children have really enjoyed every lesson. Today the children got to put their final pieces together and they really enjoyed this. Orla communicates very well with the children and she is very approachable. Orla had all the materials and resources to hand that the children needed. This was excellent as infants don't have the patience to wait. She demonstrated what they were to do and interacted with each group, helping and praising, throughout. The finished pieces of art turned out excellently and the children were delighted and very proud of their work!" - Scoil Naomh Maodhóg, Ferns, Co Wexford
  • "Órla had an excellent rapport with the children and all thoroughly enjoyed her visit." - Creenkill NS, Kilkenny
  • "Orla has been coming to our school for the last number of years and the children look forward to her visits each year. She is so organised and professional and has a fantastic way with the children." - Kennedy Park NS, Wexford
  • "True professional who worked with the children wonderfully. Orla was well prepared. She used 'The Grove' which is situated just beside our school as a stimulus and used elements of their trip to 'The Grove' to aid her lesson. Wonderful work." - Scoil Mhuire, Rosslare, Co Wexford
  • "Really lovely class, children got so much from it, highly recommend to other teachers" - Kilmore NS, Wexford
  • "A really enjoyable and interactive workshop. Órla interacted so well with the children and they thoroughly enjoyed it." - Wandesforde NS, Kilkenny
  • "She really brings the best out of the children in a fun & educational way. Órla was excellent in all aspects of the visit." - Scoil realt na Mara, Wexford
  • "Great sessions thoroughly enjoyed by all pupils on nature and wildlife around them .Super hands on activities to reinforce key learning ideas. Wonderful facilitator." - Scoil Mhuire Gan Smál, Kilkenny

Additional Information

  • Caters for Special Needs
  • Provides practical/ hands-on activities
  • Provides field trips

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086 376 8204