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Curriculum Strands:
Environmental awareness and care (Geography/Science), Living things (Science)
Counties catered for:
Classes catered for:
Junior Infants, Senior Infants, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th

Niamh O’Flynn BSc. Animal Science is an Animal Scientist has worked in Captive Breeding and Release Programmes (Black rhino, giraffes, carnivores, primates, hoof stock/ ungulates, elephants, reptiles, fish, birds) wildlife parks and an aquarium in UK and Ireland. Surveyed natural Irish habitats in Ireland under environmental Biologist (Coillte forests, REPS Farms, commonages, estuaries, lakes, SAC, SPA areas). Now researches and teaches about Irish Environmental Heritage wildlife and contrasts her previous experience with exotic species and habitats. Niamh has meet leading individuals in the conservation, science and natural habitats fields both in Ireland, England and Internationally. Niamh is actively involved in conservation projects with conservation groups in Cork since 2009 to date.

She now stresses the importance of preserving our Native Irish Wildlife, Heritage, Animals & Habitats. Such as flora and fauna (trees, plants, birds, insects, mammals) and habitats (coastlines, woodlands, grasslands, hedgerows, mountains and Bog lands, quarries, rivers, lakes and other water courses i.e. fens etc.)

Niamh also advises set up school gardens and assists with the garden in composting, planting etc.


  • "Niamh was very enthusiastic and engaging with the children. Niamh's prior knowledge was excellent and meant she had the ability to answer the numerous questions she was asked."
  • "The children loved the visit and learned alot form the visit."
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  • "One class worked outdoors but Niamh engaged with other classes indoors because of inclement weather. The teachers were very happy with the presentation in the classrooms."
  • "Children really enjoyed the visit. content was very suitable for children. Niamh had a lovely relaxed manner in terms of presenting. I cannot say more about her professionalism she has shown. A very dedicated instructor/specialist."
  • "Niamh was excellent. She structured the talk appropriately for younger children. She encouraged discussion and questions and involved the children in everything. They loved handling the feathers and the ostrich egg. Niamh was excellent in every way."
  • "Niamh's preparation for the trip was very good. the children learned a lot and the staff were extremely happy to have a specialist speaker to teach the children about the seashore."
  • "Niamh's whole presentation was excellent - well prepared and aimed at the children's level"
  • "This was a very worthwhile and enjoyable presentation for all." - Coars NS
  • "Niamh was very informative and her talks with the children linked in very well with us as we are now working towards our 5th Green Flag for Biodiversity." - Scoil Naomh Muire
  • "Excellent all round. The child were really engaged and enjoyed the visit thoughout." - Darrara NS
  • "We love having Niamh in to work with the children. They learn so much from her and she is so organised and efficient. Thank you Niamh" - St Joseph's GNS, Cork
  • "Niamh has a lovely way with the children We enjoy having her as she imparts knowledge in a very child friendly way." - Cloghroe NS, Cork
  • "Very happy overall, a good balance of indoor and outdoor activities, children very engaged at all times." - Amergin Steiner School, Kerry
  • "Niamh was absolutely fabulous. The children were so engaged by her workshop and presentation. She was incredibly knowledgeable and clearly very interested in the topics which in turn helped engage the children fully." - St Michael's NS, Cork
  • "Very thorough preparation, and organisation of the visit. Niamh put a lot of effort into researching the location and supporting our curriculum. She brought along very suitable visual support, and an excellent PowerPoint presentation and worksheets etc." - Templebreedy NS, Cork
  • "Niamh was wonderful. She really engaged with the children and all the teachers came back to me saying that she was such an excellent teacher. I was really impressed with Niamh’s caring nature - she gave the children time to ask their questions and no question or suggestion was a bad one. They felt comfortable asking her their questions. The children were fully engaged and interested. They loved the PowerPoint and the artefacts were of great interest to them. My class were doing Mammals and they loved the skulls of the animals! She showed the pupils how science is all around them , in their local area where they live. We hope to book Niamh again for more whole-school visits , and work on our whole-school themes to develop our School Science Plan. ." - Eglantine Girls’ NS, Cork

Additional Information

  • Provides practical/ hands-on activities
  • Provides field trips

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Phone (Home):
021 489 5189
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