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Science, Geography
Curriculum Strands:
Natural environments (Geography), Living things (Science)
Counties catered for:
Donegal, Leitrim, Mayo, Roscommon, Sligo
Classes catered for:
All Classes

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Michael has many years of experience in working in ecological research with an interest in all aspects of nature. He is currently Chairperson of the Sligo Branch of Birdwatch Ireland and as well as birds he has a keen interest in butterflies and moths and life along the seashore. He has an extensive collection of natural history items including stuffed animals, collection of animal skulls and photographs that can be used in the classroom to engage children. Michael is passionate about instilling an awareness and appreciation of local nature within children as that will ensure that future generations will take the actions needed to conserve biodiversity.

In-person school visits

Choose one of the following topics or contact Michael for more information:

A general introduction to flora and fauna of Ireland where children will learn all about the nature in their locality. As well as classroom work, field studies can be taken in the school grounds with activities that include basic identification of wildflowers and trees.

Children learn the basics about biodiversity including ‘What is Biodiversity’, ‘Why is Biodiversity important’ and ‘How we can help Biodiversity’. This programme is especially suitable for schools that are working on the Biodiversity theme as part of the Green Flags.

Children learn about the fascinating world of minibeasts and the important role they play, including as pollinators, recyclers and maintaining a balance in nature. The lesson will include a minibeast hunt in the school grounds.

This programme will introduce children to birds in their locality. Children also learn about how they can help protect and look after our birds.

Michael has a large collection of seashells, whale bones, dolphin and seal skulls and other items found along Irish beaches. These items are included in an interesting lesson on the fascinating animals that live along the seashore. This programme is well suited to those schools working on the Green Flag for Marine Environment.

Michael is also available to lead field trips to local woodlands, seashore, bogs, waterways etc. If time allows, this can be combined with a visit to the school to do preparatory work on the habitat to be visited.


  • "This is a fantastic scheme and it is a wonderful opportunity for pupils to acquire information from an Expert. The enthusiasm of the subject displayed by Michael is fantastic."
  • "Wonderful experience for all. Would highly recommend Michael to other schools."
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  • "Michael's workshop made a big impact on the kids in our school. They thoroughly enjoyed the day, as did the teachers."
  • "It is a privilege to have Michael Bell visit our school. He enthuses the pupils and relates well to them. He supports his class with audio visual aids and several samples of wildlife. They get to engage actively and learn so much, not only in terms of lesson content but he inculcates in the pupils a healthy respect for their environment."
  • "Extremely worthwhile visit, children investigated living things actively outdoors, identified pollinators, planted the start of a pollinator garden."
  • "Michael was very good with the children . He listened to them very patiently and was very interested in what they had to say."
  • "Michael was wonderful with the children and has a real passion for birds and their habitats. This transferred very well to the children’s learning." - Ballyforan NS
  • "A most enjoyable day. Great to get out exploring the local environment with a person as well-informed and as passionate as Michael. Thank you, Michael and Heritage in Schools." - St. Joseph’s N.S., Sligp
  • "Fantastic visit as always from Michael Bell. Children loved learning about moths in our school grounds, bird life & plant life." - Carns NS, Sligo
  • "Michael Bell presents his material and interacts very well with the children in all age groups in the school." - Ballyleague NS, Roscommon
  • "We thoroughly enjoyed this visit. Michael's workshop was interesting, enjoyable, interactive, well-structured and informative. The children and teachers had a brilliant day." - Clonown NS, Roscommon
  • "It is a tremendous learning experience for the pupils to have Michael Bell visit our school. His visit was most interactive and all the pupils benefited. We were privileged to have Michael Bell visit our school He has great rapport with the pupils and communicates so much to them. Marine Environment is a challenging concept for an inland county but he related it so meaningfully to all classes" - Ballintleva NS, Roscommon
  • "Excellent visit - very informative and interesting." - Anon.
  • "Michael is an absolute gentleman. The children & adults alike thoroughly enjoyed the walk down to our local river. It was fantastic to have an expert on all things (stone wall habitats to birds to water-pumps, etc.) with us. Thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience." - Mount Talbot NS, Roscommon
  • "A wonderful experience. The children were engaged from the start. Michael's expertise and range of knowledge was outstanding." - St Brendan's NS, Sligo
  • "This was a wonderful lesson and learning experience for the children." - Scoil Ursula, Sligo
  • "Excellent children thoroughly enjoyed while learning about their local environment" - St Michael's NS, Sligo
  • "Very happy with visit." - Burriscarra NS, Mayo
  • "The children really enjoyed the biodiversity workshop and are very grateful to Michael Bell for such an enjoyable day." - Ardkeenan NS, Roscommon
  • "Michael took the children around the woods. It was interesting, engaging and informative." - Castletown NS, Donegal
  • "Highly impressed with our visit. Thank you" - Killymard NS, Donegal
  • "We always enjoy Michael's visits to the school. It is great to have access to people with such expertise and knowledge." - St. Mary's NS, Roscommon

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  • Provides in-person visits
  • Caters for special needs
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