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Goska Wilkowska

Goska Wilkowska
Science, Geography
Curriculum Strands:
Natural environments (Geography), Environmental awareness and care (Geography/Science), Living things (Science)
Counties catered for:
Cavan, Dublin, Kildare, Longford, Louth, Meath, Monaghan, Offaly, Westmeath
Classes catered for:
All Classes

Book virtual / in-person visit

Goska is a qualified biologist and ecologist and has worked with both primary and secondary school children since 2014. On a visit from Goska, children have an opportunity to re-discover their natural surroundings while exploring wildlife in their school yard, as well as have a peek into real wilderness thanks to curious items brought to school by Goska. Discussion and working in groups (with possible worksheets provided by Goska) follow the hand-on activities.

Virtual school visits

Classes: 3rd - 6th

Materials: Paper, pencils, printer, playdough or similar

Session 1 (pre-recorded, 20 mins)

The video will introduce you to the badger and fox and guide you through practical detective tips to understand what animals live around us (tracks, feeding signs, burrows, etc.). Children will be asked to look for various signs of animals at home and bring drawings and/ or photographs back to school. Alternatively, teacher may organise a field trip to look for tracks and other signs in the vicinity of school grounds.

Session 2 (live, 40-60 mins)

The follow-up live session will give children an opportunity for Questions & Answers, further discussion and show and tell.

Worksheets & teachers notes:

  • PowerPoint for teachers with accompanying notes and links to further resources.
  • Worksheets to help children take notes and record what they find.

In-person school visits

Choose from the following or contact Goska for further information:

Children learn to understand the principles of ecology and to value biodiversity. Workshops enable children to notice wildlife around them, regardless of where they live. They learn what habitats are, why some of them are endangered and why we should be concerned about it. Goska always emphasises the need for re-connection with nature and encourages children to spend more time outdoors and develop their observation skills.

The workshop will introduce students to Irish native mammals, focusing on badgers and foxes. Goska will guide children through practical detective tips to understand what animals live around us (tracks, feeding signs, burrows, etc.). Students will have opportunity to study mammalian skulls and other curious objects.

Climate change issue explained in a simple way and put in the context of the students’ local environment and actions of their communities. Discussion will allow for finding some possible solutions which could be implemented by the students within their locality.

Learning how pollination works and how pollinators contribute to the state of biodiversity and our welfare. Students will look for flowering plants, insect-pollinated plants and pollinating insects in their school yard / school garden / local community garden etc.

Garden birds (e.g. Robin, Tits, Blackbird, Wren) are our common companions while playing outdoors or walking. Goska will provide details on private lives of some of the familiar birds from our surroundings. Students will see feathers, eggs or discarded nests and will look for birds within the school settings.

Bogs and other types of peatland are common feature in Irish landscape, although mostly degraded and dying. They are a crucial asset in fighting climate change and protecting biodiversity. Goska will explain these relationships and will talk about amazing bog wildlife, showing variety of bog objects (like bog oak, peat or – subject to season – Sundew, a carnivorous plant).

Farmland is the main landscape in Ireland. Farming provides food to people and their animals, but it can also damage biodiversity and negatively impact our climate. Therefore, it is extremely important to talk what it means to be responsible both as a farmer and as a consumer. Goska will focus on agricultural systems within a school’s locality and they possible impact on local biodiversity; and students will try to come up with ideas how to make things better.

Oceans and seas seem to be bottomless, but they have limits. Overfishing, combined with ocean acidification, pollution and climate change, has a huge impact on the marine life which in turn affects us. Ireland, as an Atlantic island, is at the heart of this problem. Goska will explain these matters with help of fun games, and students will try to look for solutions to this problem.

Goska can accompany students on field trips to variety of places where students can get involved with nature and biodiversity: bogs, woodland, farms, seaside, parks, local streams, lakes, etc. Students will learn about a place while studying nature (e.g. catching aquatic invertebrates with nets, using magnifying lenses to observe flowers or insects).


  • "The facilitator presented the topic Climate Change in a child friendly and well thought out method."
  • "We hope to have Goska back many times!" - Balbriggan Educate Together, Dublin
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  • "Everything ran smoothly and we all learned lots and enjoyed it thoroughly." - St.Michael's NS, Monaghan
  • "Goska was really engaging with the children and they really enjoyed the virtual visit with her." - Scoil Mhuire gan Smál, Kilkerley NS, Co Louth
  • "The children really enjoyed the Zoom meeting and Goska was very knowledgeable and there was plenty of interaction with the kids." - Scoil Phadraig Naofa, Kildare
  • "Pupils really enjoyed the entire process, from the initial video, worksheets, resources and the live lesson. They were all very engaged and learning outcomes were achieved by all." - Killinkere NS, Cavan
  • "The children really enjoyed this workshop. Goska interacted really well with the children in a virtual environment. She had great resources to show the children. She used a variety of media to engage the children in participating in the workshop. This can be challenging online on Zoom but Goska did an excellent job." - Scoil Mhuire Heronstown NS, Meath
  • "This was a fantastic experience anf the children thoroughly enjoyed it. It captured their imaginations and they were very engaged throughout." - Castlerahan NS, Cavan
  • "Goska was excellent. She spoke at the children’s level and had them engaged all of the time. The children really enjoyed the talk and learned so much. Thank you so much" - Ballyshannon NS, Kildare
  • "The children really enjoyed the virtual visit and learned a lot about badgers from Goska" - Anon.
  • "Fantastic workshop. The pupils really enjoyed the Virtual Visit and were fully engaged in the process. Goska presented the content extremely well and at the correct level for the age group involved. Goska's use of evidence e.g. animal skulls, hair etc excited the pupils. They learned a lot about Native Irish Mammals from the presentation and lots of new vocabulary. Overall a very worthwhile, educational workshop which was very professionally presented. Thank you Goska!" - Anon.
  • "Excellent webinar, the children and I loved every moment of it. Goska was so professional and helpful! Thoroughly enjoyed it all and the information was wonderful." - Model School, Cavan
  • "Very good, difficult to deliver over Zoom but the children were engaged throughout. Very enthusiastic and learned a lot." - St. Conleth and Marys, Kildare
  • "We had a very positive experience with Goska yesterday. She was excellent with the children and gave them lots of time to ask questions. It was very well pitched to their level and the children loved the content. The videos of different animals shown during the lesson were a big hit with the class. I will definitely be recommending this to other teachers." - Delgany NS, Wicklow
  • "Goska had a obvious love of the subject and her insight and knowledge was exemplary. All questions or responses from the children were valued and consideration by Goska. Thank you so much." - Two Mile House N.S.,Kildare
  • "The children really enjoyed the visit and it was very educational." - St Attractas JNS, Dublin
  • "Great event!" - St Kilians, Cavan
  • "It was an excellent visit with appropriate content. All the teachers and children spoke highly of it after." - St Anne's Loreto PS, Meath
  • "Excellent delivery of information. Lots of detail included. Most children were engaged and asked a lot of questions." - St Clares NS, Cavan
  • "Fantastic experience for the children, Goska was very informative and made the lesson very interactive and relatable for the children, we all thoroughly enjoyed it!" - Dangan NS, Meath
  • "Goska presented an excellent presentation that engaged the class from start to finish. As a teacher I was very impressed with the layout and interactive structure of the presentation i.e. Quizzes, Live Q&A etc. Overall a very enjoyable session with the children learning a lot about the wildlife in their local habitat!" - Maynooth Presentation Girls' School, Kildare
  • "The children and teachers found the session very interesting and wonderfully interactive." - Scoil Mhuire na nGael, Louth
  • "The visit was very successful and so informative. It was a very interesting talk for the children" - Robinstown NS, Meath
  • "The children thoroughly enjoyed working with Goska. The materials sent on prior to the visit were very engaging and easy to follow. They gained so much knowledge about Irish mammals and enjoyed becoming nature detectives. It was organised very well and Goska was excellent with the children. We have integrated the topics into many other subjects as a result." - Gaelscoil Nás na Ríogh, Kildare
  • "A very enjoyable experience by both children and teachers. A great opportunity for the children to learn about their native mammals, many of which can be seen in the woods and parks of Co.Cavan. A great support to the SESE curriculum." - St Clare's Primary School, Cavan
  • "Goska came to our school and worked with 4 classes. She was extremely friendly and full of knowledge. The children responded very well to her and enjoyed the lessons she delivered. I would highly recommend her." - St. Paul's SNS, Louth
  • "Excellent resources, highly knowledgeable specialist. The children really enjoyed the outdoor part of the workshop." - Tallaght CNS, Dublin

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  • Provides in-person visits
  • Provides virtual visits
  • Caters for special needs
  • Provides practical/hands-on activities
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