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Science, History, Geography
Curriculum Strands:
Story (History), Local Studies (History), Early people and ancient societies (History), Life, society, work and culture in the past (History), Eras of change and conflict (History), Continuity and change over time (History), Human environments (Geography), Living things (Science), Materials (Science)
Counties catered for:
Clare, Cork, Dublin, Kerry, Kildare, Kilkenny, Laois, Limerick, Louth, Meath, Wicklow
Classes catered for:
All Classes

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Frankie is an archaeologist, heritage-educator and ancient craft specialist. She holds a PhD Track (MPhil) and BA (Hons) in Archaeology; and through her company Explore Archaeology, has facilitated archaeological workshops and events for both children and adults across Ireland and the UK. Frankie is passionate about hands-on, inclusive learning through archaeology and heritage – most especially that of our Early (Stone Age) People! Frankie is an experimental archaeologist – using ancient technology to craft replica Stone Age artefacts using only natural materials, something pupils can also discover for themselves as part of her workshops. Linking the SESE Curriculum strands, Frankie's workshops are unique – with life in the past explored through the eyes of the children in each period, from Stone Age to Viking, Norman and Medieval.

Each of Frankie’s workshops combine the following, customised to the period chosen for the visit.

• Interactive Presentation

• Artefact Handling

• Living History Display

• Ancient Craft Activities

• Worksheets/Quizzes

Frankie's visit will bring the past to life, connecting children to the heritage that surrounds them in a meaningful (and fun!) way. Place-based learning in the outdoor classroom is encouraged, with guided field-trips to archaeological sites and monuments possible, and tailored to each school visit.

• Children in the Past: Early People (Stone Age)

• Children in the Past: Viking Ireland

• Children in the Past: The Normans

• Children in the Past: Medieval Ireland

• STEM Workshop – Science + Archaeology • Field trips

In-person school visits

This exciting, hands-on workshop brings the archaeology of the Stone Age and our Early People to life! Frankie will explore the archaeological evidence for Mesolithic and Neolithic Ireland together with the children, to discover clues about the lives of our earliest people here in Ireland. We will use ancient technology to craft our own replica Stone Age artefacts and the pupils will get the opportunity to engage directly with the past and get their hands-on replica artefacts similar to those used by their ancestors over 5000 years ago.

Experience life as a Viking child growing up in Ireland in this interactive, hands-on workshop. Together we will work as time detectives , examining the archaeological and historical evidence to tell the story of the lives of these children in Ireland, over 1000 years ago. We will craft our own replica Viking artefacts and get hands-on with Frankie's exciting handling collection – and finish with a fun Viking quiz!

Frankie's ‘Children in the Past: The Normans' workshop engages children with life in Norman Ireland. This workshop will explore the archaeological and historical evidence for the Normans in Ireland – focused on place-based learning, examining heritage and monuments found within the local landscape of the school. Combining living history, a replica Norman craft activity and artefact handling, pupils will have the opportunity to get engage directly with lives of children in both their locality and the wider landscape of Norman Ireland.

In this immersive-learning workshop children will experience life as a child growing up in Medieval or Early Christian Ireland. Combining archaeological and historical evidence, we will work together to piece together the story of the lives of these children in the past- their diet, pastimes and games, homes, family and everyday lives. The children will finish the session with a quiz, and the opportunity to get hands-on with the archaeology on display in Frankie’s handling collection.

Explore how archaeologists use Science in Archaeology – from how it can help to find archaeology in the ground, to what it can help to tell us about the everyday lives of children in the past! As part of this workshop, pupils will have the opportunity to get hands-on with material remains from the past, use scientific archaeology techniques and even try some experimental archaeology for themselves!


  • "Frankie had a wonderful way with the children. They were enthralled at her every word. The materials that Frankie brought were amazing, and many of the children have expressed an interest in becoming an archaeologist. We would rate the visit 10/10. Absolutely superb!" - Beaumont GNS, Cork
  • "Frankie was in our school for 3 days and the experience for the children was amazing. She showed immense preparation and patience, her knowledge was incredible and the workshops were loved by all involved-teachers and students alike. Such a positive experience that allowed History to come to life for all our 3rds and 4ths. We have arranged for Frankie to come back and do more workshops with our 5th and 6th class children." - St. Mark's SNS, Dublin
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  • "An excellent presentation. Francesca enthusiasm was wonderful. The children loved the workshop and really benefited for the experience." - Scoil Mhuire agus Naomh Treasa, Kerry
  • "Frankie was absolutely fantastic with the children. She was so well organised and her resources really brought the lesson on archaeology alive for the children. The content of her lesson was very child centered and the children were highly engaged and involved at all times. It was a highly educational lesson and the children thoroughly enjoyed it. They described the lesson as 'really cool and fun'. I would definitely recommend Frankie to other teachers and would love to have her back for another visit." - Scoil Mhuire Lakelands, Dublin
  • "Frankie gave a superb presentation to the children starting with an explanation of what archaeology is and what an archaeologist does. She had a super audio visual presentation on this. She then went on to talk about the Normans, their origins and their coming to Ireland. She then elaborated further by explaining to the children what life would have been like in Norman Buttevant and had lots of interesting artefacts for the children to handle and examine to give them a deeper insight into what life was like for a child in Norman times. She had a lovely activity for the children to complete involving designing a family shield/ coat of arms. She had the children enthralled from the time that she came into the classroom until she left. She remembered individual children's names when interacting with them and analysed each child's surname to tell them whether it was of Irish/ Viking/ Norman etc which the children loved. All in all a fabulous presentation from an engaging and passionate presenter. I would give Frankie 110% if I could and we will certainly book another visit from her in the not too distant future." - Scoil Mhuire na Trocaire, Cork
  • "Looking forward to Frankie's next visit!" - Scoil Mhuire, Kerry
  • "Francesca had fabulous interactions with the children in our school. She was so engaging and the children and teachers involved really enjoyed. She was so professional and had an amazing amount of knowledge. She played games, shared information and allowed a real hands on approach during the session. The children were so interested in the topics. I would highly recommend Francesca to any school." - St. John of God, Dublin
  • "Frankie is an exceptional specialist - she is extremely knowledgeable and was well able to answer the diverse range of questions the children had, but she is also a fantastic workshop leader, capable of drawing in, and holding the students attention. The students didn't want her to finish and have asked for her to come again; some students visited the national museum after the session with their parents as they had enjoyed the topic so much - many budding archaeologists in school now!" - Wicklow ETNS, Wickllow
  • "A superbly presented workshop by a very enthusiastic & well informed specialist who catered her workshops so well to the needs of all the children." - Wandesforde NS, Kilkenny
  • "Frankie was a fantastic facilitator. She was enthusiastic, engaging and energetic. She definitely held the children's attention, showed great patience in answering questions and communicated lots of knowledge. Frankie was very well prepared and easy to work with, She had great communication with the teachers and pupils. Overall the children had a fantastic day and learned loads from the experience." - St John's Senior School, Kilkenny
  • "All the children enjoyed Francesca's visit. She had them enthralled. I am sure she has inspired some future architects!" - Riverview ETNS, Dublin
  • "Frankie was a wonderful specialist. Both prior to and during her visit she was so engaging and supportive and accommodating to our needs. The children in every class were enthralled and learned so much." - St.Laurence's NS, Dublin
  • "Frankie's knowledge and expertise was exceptional. Hand on heart, our pupils loved the visit and got a wealth of information from the day. Frankie knows archaeology inside out. She had a wide range of artefacts which reinforced the pupils' understanding of the Vikings. We are already planning a return visit!" - Croagh NS, Limerick

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