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Deirdre O'Brien McGivney

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Science, History, Geography
Curriculum Strands:
Story (History), Local Studies (History), Early people and ancient societies (History), Life, society, work and culture in the past (History), Human environments (Geography), Natural environments (Geography), Environmental awareness and care (Geography/Science), Living things (Science)
Counties catered for:
Kildare, Laois, Longford, Meath, Offaly, Roscommon, Westmeath
Classes catered for:
All Classes

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  • "Deirdre was an excellent rep for Heritage in Schools. There was quite a broad age range within the group but Deirdre's activities appealed to all ages and were very well pitched, hands on and interactive. Pupils knowledge and interest in the topic of Biodiversity has been further improved as a result of Deirdre's session." - St. Nicholas' Primary School, Meath
  • "All children enjoyed the visit and learned about their local area in an enjoyable way" - Castlepollard Parochial School, Westmeath

Additional Information

  • Provides in-person visits
  • Caters for special needs
  • Provides practical/hands-on activities
  • Provides field trips

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087 6479711