Deirdre Keogh

Deirdre  Keogh 1
Science, History, Geography
Curriculum Strands:
Continuity and change over time (History), Living things (Science)
Counties catered for:
Dublin, Wicklow
Classes catered for:
All Classes

During her visits, Deirdre increases awareness and appreciation of environmental issues with the children through gardening. Her visits include setting up a wormery for recycling food waste, laying out vegetable plots, constructing compost heaps, seed sowing, taking cuttings and hedge planting etc. The children learn how to identify different creepy crawlies and other garden wildlife and about their respective roles in the garden. Simple experiments, quizzes and games are undertaken by the children to re-enforce their learning in the outdoors. Deirdre has been gardening organically for over 20 years and has been involved in school gardens for 10 years.


  • "As usual a wonderful visit from Deirdre. The children had an opportunity to reap what they had sown earlier in the year. They dug up potatoes, carrots, onions, garlic and cut down the sunflower heads. They also weeded the beds and prepared them for the winter. Deirdre had brought cardboard to be laid over the beds to keep down the weeds and keep the soil warm. The excitement of the children when the potatoes were dug up was wonderful to see. They were squealing with excitement. Some of the children from the AS unit came to observe and were also so excited to see the vegetables come out of the soil. Some of the children got the opportunity to watch a spider spinning a web - silence! Wonderful! I cannot recommend Deirdre highly enough."
  • "The children in our school love the visits from Deirdre. They are especially interested in bees and pollination this year. They also planted out peas, did a lot of weeding aand looked at bees and birds nests in the school environment. Fantastic!"
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  • "We love our visits by Deirdre. She is invariably, on time, prepared and happy to work with the children. We have children on the autistic spectrum integrated in some of the classes she works with. She is full of interesting information for the children and is always keen that the visits are hands-on and all the children get their hands dirty. This year she is promoting bees and pollination with our children."
  • "As usual we were delighted with our visit by Deirdre and we were blessed with the weather which made the visit even more enjoyable."

Additional Information

  • Caters for Special Needs
  • Provides practical/ hands-on activities
  • Provides field trips
  • Offers visits as Gaeilge

Contact Details

Phone (Home):
01 295 5514