Chris Thompson

Chris Thompson 1
Science, History, Geography
Curriculum Strands:
Story (History), Local Studies (History), Early people and ancient societies (History), Continuity and change over time (History), Myself and my Family (History), Human environments (Geography)
Counties catered for:
Clare, Donegal, Kerry, Kilkenny
Classes catered for:
All Classes

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Chris is a registered primary teacher who also regularly works with all age groups from Junior Infants up to transition Year. Chris provides workshops as both as a story-teller and creative writer facilitator. Chris specialises in Local History Projects, especially involving inter-generational elements.

School visits (virtual)

Option 1

Topic: Stories in the Landscape

Classes: Infants to 6th class

Materials: Senior classes will need A4 plain sheet of paper and something to write with is needed for the poem making activity in the pre-recorded session. No materials needed for junior classes.

Session 1 (pre-recorded, 15 mins)


The programme consists of two videos of around 15 mins. Each They can be played in either order.

Video 1: involves a ‘hide and seek’ series of video clips and images discovering which creatures may be hiding in the garden and woodland. There are guides for pausing the video.

Video 2: allows Chubbi the dragon to tell his story and offers ideas for extra (and outdoor) activities.


The programme is delivered as a Power Point presentation with linked video segments. Pause guides allow interaction and teacher-led discussion. Average time for first part of the presentation may be around 30 minutes, including class discussion.

Session 2 (live, approximately 1 hour)


This can be up to an hour, divided into short segments to suit your class. This will allow small groups of supervised juniors to feel personally involved These sessions (with Chubbi) will give children opportunity to meet the dragon and show what they have found and show pictures and designs they have made for him. A very easy piece of unusual story making is available for senior infants and 1st class.


This can be up to an hour, divided into short segments to allow for small groups. Time can be used for a variety of experiences including, story making, researching local stories and discovering more about the old Irish story characters with some of my special ‘props'.

Worksheets & teacher's notes:

A full set of teachers’ notes and printable PDF worksheets form part of the package.

Option 2

Topic: Tree-Story

Classes: infants to 4th

Materials: Paper, pencils, crayons, printed worksheets from the programme packs.

Session 1 (pre-recorded, 15 mins)


Video film exploring Mr Bear’s woodland home and his reasons for promoting the importance of trees and wood as a material. The film will include pause points for class discussion and guided ‘teacher led’ activities.


The introductory film involves a woodland walk to encounter the diversity of even familiar trees. It will also explore the place of these trees in our environment. There will be regular pause points to encourage teacher led guided discussion and suggestions for further activities. Some traditional tree-lore will also be included. The pre-recorded material will then introduce some extremely unusual tree seeds which should allow for lively and imaginative class discussion and creative activities.

Session 2 (live, up to 1 hour)


Zoom session where the children get to meet Mr Bear, show him their stories, designs or art work, tell him about their favourite tree and share, and even act out, a new interactive live story.


Zoom session where the class can share their stories, or tell the story of their chosen tree. We will also ‘grow an unusual tree poem together

Worksheets & teacher's notes:

A full set illustrated teachers notes and README guide document with active links

School visits (on-site)

*On-site visits are temporarily suspended due to COVID-19

Passionate about the treasure of Irish myth and legend, Chris offers interactive and entertaining Heritage History shows and workshops with costumes and iron-age style artefacts in which students get to dress up and take active roles in some wonderful old Irish stories, exploring some unusual drama and creative writing experiences.

Chris has a particular focus on shows and workshops designed for the youngest age groups. With her engaging puppet friends, she offers a variety of story-telling and workshop activity modules on topics such as ‘Frog Friends’, ‘We live Here’, (with Chubbi the dragon) and new for 2017, ‘Helpful Hilda’ a special programme all about spiders. Chris also offers tree-lore story shows and herb and tree based art and craft activity workshops, Chris is a very keen gardener with her own nine acre hardwood plantation and loves working with natural materials


  • "Chris was absolutely fantastic. So engaging. The content of the programme had so much in it and so much room for development. We all (teacher included) loved the entire experience." - St Laurences NS, Dublin
  • "The children completely enjoyed their day with Chris who totally held their interest and have been talking about it since."
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  • "Chris gave this group of children a fantastic insight into Irish mythology. They were enthralled in her story telling ability, and so was I! The resources provided will be used in further study."
  • "The children and teachers thoroughly enjoyed Christine's visit. We got lots of ideas to extend the work she did on her visit. We would recommend her visit to other schools."
  • "Children really enjoyed the visit with Chris."
  • "Very energetic and engaging with the children. They all got involved in the storytelling which really brought it alive for them!" - Powerstown ETNS
  • "The workshops with Chris were fantastic. The children were mesmerized by her. They were firstly in awe of her mode of transport. They were fascinated by the horn. They had no inhibitions or problems getting into role/character & composing brilliant poetry, etc with her afterwards. The workshops integrated perfectly with English, Drama & SESE. We will definitely invite Chris to visit again and have absolutely no qualms about recommending her to anyone." - Mount Talbot NS
  • "We had a great day and loved Chris's enthusiasm about the historical context of the stories. The children helped act some of the story out. She will send us art ideas for the Táin march in May." - Tibohine NS
  • "Chris was amazing. The children were enthralled and enthused. She was very structured and realistic. The work produced with her was of a high standard. We couldn't have been happier. Chris is passionate about her subject and ignites this in the kids. A Wonderful day. W'ed love to have her again. An amazing story teller." - Corrigeenroe NS
  • "Very enjoyable!" - Ballyfarnon NS, Roscommon
  • "The children thoroughly enjoyed Christine’s workshop . They were at all time’s engaged and thoroughly enthralled." - St.Colmcilles JNS, Dublin
  • "Christine was energetic and engaging throughout the whole day. The Junior classes enjoyed the storytelling and use of puppetry. The senior classes enjoyed the interactive storytelling with use of props and the creative writing element. All in all it was a great day!" - St. John of God GNS, Dublin
  • "Chris is an amazing storyteller and we look forward to meeting her again. Thank you Chris!" - Murroe NS
  • "The children really enjoyed the online session with Chris" - Feevagh NS, Roscommon
  • "Very worthwhile learning experience" - Hunt NS, Leitrim

Additional Information

  • Caters for Special Needs
  • Provides practical/ hands-on activities

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