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Science, History, Geography
Curriculum Strands:
Continuity and change over time (History), Natural environments (Geography), Living things (Science)
Counties catered for:
Cork, Kerry
Classes catered for:
All Classes

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Through a combination of interactive classroom talks, workshops (when available) and outdoor activities, Calvin explores the wonderful world of Irish wildlife and biodiversity with pupils, encouraging them to question, explore and connect with the natural world.

Calvin is a freelance nature writer, author, birder and lifelong wildlife enthusiast. He is founder and managing editor of Ireland's largest independent wildlife and nature website,, and loves nothing more than sharing his passion and enthusiasm for the natural world with others.

In-person visits

Choose from the following or contact Calvin for further information:

Calvin’s introduction to biodiversity explores what the term biodiversity means, why it’s so important, how we fit into it and what we can all do at school and at home to help protect and enhance it. Then it’s out into the wilderness of the schoolyard for a spot of Biodiversity Bingo, illustrating just how much life there is all around us when we take the time to look. This topic offers an ideal introduction to the concept of biodiversity for pupils and teachers embarking on the Greener Schools Biodiversity theme.

After a short interactive talk about Irish wildlife in the classroom or outdoors, Calvin takes the children on a Wildlife Safari “I Spy” in the school grounds, a nearby park or accessible area of habitat to see what wildlife they can find: from birds to mini beasts to mammal tracks and signs… there’s no telling what you might find on one of these mini wildlife adventures.

When it comes to wildlife, birds are what we tend to notice the most. They’re active, vocal and are all around us. In this session we’ll take a closer look at the top 10 Irish Garden Birds according to Birdwatch Ireland’s annual Garden Bird Survey, learn how to identify each one. Then we’ll head outside to see how many we can spot in and around the schoolyard.

Ireland’s small birds are struggling. Habitat loss through changes in agriculture and land use is having a huge impact on populations of once common birds. This section looks at some of the challenges our small birds face, and looks at ways we can help the birds in our gardens at school and at home.

People often say it’s the little things that make the biggest difference. That’s never more true than in the natural world. Most of the living things around us are so tiny we tend to overlook them, yet they play a huge role in the function of the natural world around us. This session is dedicated to the wonderful world of minibeasts -- from insects and spiders to slugs, snails, worms, woodlice and more.

If you have a particular wildlife topic you’d like to cover, a habitat around the school you’d like to explore, or a project you’d like to set up, get in touch to discuss your ideas. With a broad foundation of wildlife expertise, coupled with decades of experience, Calvin is happy to put together custom visits and programmes to suit your school’s requirements. Calvin is also happy to accommodate field trips to locations close to your school, or near his base, near Rosscarbery on the West Cork coast.

NB. Custom projects may require multiple visits, the Heritage In Schools 5-Visit-Series (if available) offers excellent value in such cases.


  • "Excellent visit and very engaging throughout. Great use of equipment."
  • "The children really enjoyed their walk and talk. they really enjoyed the use of the binoculars and seeing the wildlife around the local area. Thank you!"
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  • "Would love a follow-up visit next year!"
  • "A Very enjoyable day was had by pupils."
  • "The children really enjoyed the workshop and engaged with the Specialist."
  • "Bhain na paisti taitneamh agus tairbhe as chuairt Calvin Jones linn. Bhi Calvin ar fheabhas mar Saineolai agus Cainteoir." - Gaelscoil Mhachan
  • "Very interesting and informative."
  • "We can't wait to have Calvin back visiting us again soon. Such a positive experience with every class grouping. Thank you" - Gaelscoil Mhainistir na Corann, Cork
  • "Have got Excellent feedback from Principal, Class Teachers, Parents and pupils. Very enjoyable and beneficial visit by an Expert in his field." - Gaelscoil Mhachan, Cork
  • "The children really enjoyed the visit, which was well prepared and very professionally delivered. The outdoor element of the programme was particularly beneficial and there were huge learning outcomes form the hands-on experience." - Scoil Ursula, Cork
  • "Children really enjoyed the visit. It increased their awareness and knowledge of biodiversity, in particular the hands-on learning and outdoor work using the worksheets provided by the Heritage Expert. The Expert was very enthusiastic and engaging in delivering the programme and successfully maintained the attention of the children. He also provided very valuable advice to the Green School's Committee." - Scoil na Croise Noafa, Cork
  • "Calvin was excellent, held the attention of the children and engaged them in a Wildlife Safari which added greatly to the children’s knowledge of their local environment. His enthusiasm for his subject was infectious in the classroom and inspired the children to ask questions. His classroom management skills were very effective. He was very patient and was very inclusive of all children and adapted his presentation to suit the ability of his audience. I would highly recommend him to another school." - Scoil na Croise Naofa, Cork
  • "Calvin was excellent. He was extremely accommodating, in his planning of the visit. The Autumn Wildlife Safari was ideal for every class, and he even gave plenty of follow up suggestions to further explore the topic. I would highly recommend a visit!" - Scoil Naomh Bhride, Union Hall, Co. Cork
  • "The younger children really enjoyed the Autumn Wildlife Safari." - Walterstown NS, Cork
  • "Calvin was excellent. He was very patient and kind to the children. He was full of knowledge and shared it with the pupils. Feedback from Teachers and pupils was fantastic" - Scoil Ursula, Cork
  • "Calvin was fantastic. The pupils learnt so much and thoroughly enjoyed learning outdoors with Calvin about their local habitats. Feedback from Teachers and pupils was that "it was brilliant ! ". Calvin's presentation skills are excellent." - Gaelscoil Mhachan, Cork
  • "Excellent Feedback from teachers and pupils" - Gaelscoil Mhainistir Na Corann, Cork
  • "As a school we thoroughly enjoyed the visits from Calvin over the two days Wednesday and Thursday. He spoke so passionately and knowledgeably about plants and animals in our woodland area. The children were so engaged as were the teachers who all learned something new from Calvin. He had a lovely way of speaking to the children and I would recommend him to any other school." - Bishop Ahern NS, Cork
  • "Calvin Jones is a welcome visitor to our school and has been for a number of years." - Timoleague NS, Cork

Additional Information

  • Provides in-person visits
  • Caters for special needs
  • Provides practical/hands-on activities
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Phone (Home):
028 33327
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021 234 8015
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