A plant with a past: Paddy Madden | Heritage in Schools

A plant with a past
Paddy Madden

This tutorial links a common wild plant, Charlock or Praiseach Bhuí to the Great Famine. Evidence from The Schools’ Folklore Collection 1937-39 states that hungry people during the Famine ate this plant, nettles and carrageen when the potato crop failed. Paddy briefly describes the plant, talks about the Famine, quotes from an interview with his grandfather in 1938 for the Schools’ Folklore Collection where he talks about the plant being eaten during the Famine.

Suited to children from 4th to 6th class.

Presented by Dr Paddy Madden and filmed by Dr Des Murtagh. Dr Paddy Madden is a member of the Heritage in Schools Panel of experts.