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Martry Mill

Martry Mill

Martry Mill is one of the few working watermills in Ireland where the Tallon family have been producing stoneground wholemeal flour since 1859.

Located just 1km upstream from where the ancient Tailtean Games were held, Martry Mill is brimming with history and open for school tours to see the milling process and learn about the history of the building, the flour and the area.

During a tour, students are brought through the history of milling, the traditional processes involved in flour production and the history of Martry Mill itself. They'll see the waterwheel and learn how rivers were harnessed as a source of power in the times before electricity became available as well as the millstones, an array of milling equipment and a demonstration so they can see it all in action. 

Tours finish with a baking class where students work in groups of 5 to create and bake and taste their own loaves of bread.

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