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Heritage in Schools - open for bookings


The Heritage in Schools Scheme is open for bookings for the period September - December 2022.  Bookings for 2023 will be accepted from January.

What is the Heritage in Schools Scheme?

  • The Scheme provides a panel of Heritage Specialists who visit primary schools to help children and their teachers learn about and appreciate their local heritage
  • The Scheme supports the stated aims and objectives of the Social, Scientific and Environmental Education (SESE) curriculum and provides an additional educational tool and resource for teachers
  • Visits are co-funded by the school and the Heritage Council

How do I book a visit?

  1. Go to heritageinschools.ie and browse the specialists in your area
  2. Contact the specialist to discuss visit content and availability (contact details are at the bottom of the specialists' profile page)
  3. Complete the online booking form ONLY after the date has been agreed with the specialist

Further information:

Visit: https://www.heritageinschools.ie/about/how-it-works

Maria Walsh/ Programme Manager/ email: mwalsh@heritagecouncil.ie