Useful Resources

Here you will find lots of great resources relating to the SESE curriculum subjects of History, Geography and Science. Some of these resources can be downloaded directly from this webpage, for others please visit the relevant website.

History Useful Resources


History of Ireland in 100 Objects Lesson Plans

The Royal Irish Academy have created 14 great lesson plans for primary school children with worksheets, quizes and stories on some of the objects contained in "The History of Ireland in 100 Objects". They’re all free to use and have images, video, and audio.

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Geography Useful Resources


Woodland and Adventure Booklets by Woodland Trust UK

Build a giant nest, go on a mini beast safari, interview a tree, be a nature reporter, make mud pies and  even investigate animal poo!

Download the Woodland Trust UK NEW play booklets jam-packed with 44 imaginative things to build, create and discover outdoors. Great ideas for kids, but so much fun for ...grown-ups too. 

Head to the woods this half term for some unforgettable adventures. 
Download here 

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Science Useful Resources


Create A Butterfly Garden

Heritage Expert - Geoff Hunt has prepared a worksheet on creating your own Butterfly Garden at your school. 

Download the Worksheet here [PDF 208KB]

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General Useful Resources


Quick Words, Instant Poems

Here are a few quick word activities that work quite well as stand alone activities or might fit into a more determined storywalk (previous worksheet)
Download the worksheet here [PDF 105 KB]


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