The cost of the visit must be paid by the school directly to the Heritage Expert after each visit. The subsidised cost + travel costs are covered by the Heritage Council. See table below for details.

Costs of Heritage Experts Visit
Duration of visit Half Day (2.5 - 3 hrs) Whole Day (5 - 5.5 hrs)
Cost to School  


Cost to The Heritage Council €40 €70
Cost to Designated Disadvantaged School €40 €60
Cost to The Heritage Council €60 €110

Please note

  • Bookings can only be made for the current calendar year.
  • The number of children participating in a visit by a Heritage Expert should not exceed 30.  
  • The teacher must remain with the class and the Heritage Expert at all times during the visit.
  • The Heritage Expert is not expected to supervise pupils alone, or to visit for longer than the agreed time.

***The Five-Series Visit (1 visit free!) ***

If a Heritage Expert visits the same school five times, for either five full days or five half days, during the calendar year, the school will pay for four visits and the Heritage Council will fund the fifth. If you are interested in participating in this scheme please discuss with the Expert you have chosen and state this on the booking form when filling it in.


I Want to Book a Visit for My Class, What do I do Next?

Click the link to read "Guidelines for Schools" which gives a step by step account of what you need to do. 

For further details please contact Amanda Ryan on 056 777 0777 or e-mail  


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