Here you will find lots of great publications relating to the SESE curriculum subjects of History, Geography and Science. Some of these publications can be downloaded directly from this webpage, for others please visit the relevant website.

History Publications


Wicklow in Late Middle Ages

By the middle of the 12th Century many of the Viking towns, such as Dublin and Wexford, as well as the Irish ruling families had forged strong trade and political links with England, and also with mainland Europe. This booklet provides information about Co. Wicklow during this period. View Wicklow in Late Middle Ages [pdf 9.3mb].

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Geography Publications


Our Wetlands Heritage

Part-funded by the Heritage Council, this booklet explores Ireland's wetland wildlife - everything from dragonflies, butterflies, frogs and newts to wetland birds, right up to our largest carnivore - the otter. 

It also explores the value of our wetlands, the ecosystems they provide, the associated threats and measures to ensure wetland protection for the future. You can order a copy today by phoning 01-860 2839 or by visiting the Irish Wildlife Trust website at 


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Science Publications


Grass Guide

This attractive field-friendly 164 page guide simplifies grass identification. It is rich in photographs and diagrams and contains both a floristic guide and a vegetative key. It will help you identify up to 100 Irish species.

Swatches are €6 each or buy 5 swatches for €25 (including postage)

Order online at or by contacting the National Biodiversity Data Centre on 051 306240

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Research Publications


Learning in the Outdoors: Commissioned Reports by Natural England (2011)

The UK's Natural Environment White Paper - The Natural Choice: Securing the Value of Nature (Dept. for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs 2011) sets out the need to strengthen the connection between people and nature, and gives an explicit call for every child in England to be given the opportunity to experience and learn about the natural environment.


To help achieve this ambition, the UK Government sets out several key reforms which include a commitment to removing challenges and increasing teachers' and schools' abilities to teach outdoors. It is within this context that Natural England undertook the following three pieces of research which explore different aspects relating to outdoor education.

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General Publications


Heritage in Schools Scheme: Experts Directory

The Heritage Council is delighted to bring you the new and expanded Heritage Expert Directory for the Heritage in Schools Scheme 2014.
Download the Directory here [PDF 7.35MB]

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