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Heritage Council tutorials for primary school children

Rte John Oneill

The Schools' Folklore Collection: John O'Neill

Learn now to access the Schools' Folklore Collections - includes activities where children are encouraged to ring grandparents with questions on what life was like when they were children.

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Rte Aileen Lambert

Learn to sing 'Na Blathanna': Aileen Lambert

Learn the words to a lovely Irish song 'Na Blathanna' and including a little folklore on each flower mentioned in the song. Performed by Aileen Lambert.

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Rte Paddy Madden

Noticing nature in your local park: Dr Paddy Madden

Learn to identify some of the wildlife you might see on you springtime walks.The film is presented by Dr Paddy Madden.

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Rte Gordon Darcy

Wildlife Art for Beginners: Gordon D'Arcy

Learn how to draw some of our common birds using simple shapes. The film is presented by Gordon D'Arcy.

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Rte Peter Baxter

How to Podcast: Peter Baxter

Learn how to create podcasts about your local heritage and using technology you have at home. The film is presented by Peter Baxter.

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Rte John Ruddy

Online Time Machine: John D. Ruddy

Learn how to use online resources to explore the past using maps and illustration research techniques. The film is presented by John D. Ruddy.

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Rte Fionn Crombie Angus

Backyard BioBlitz: Fionn Crombie Angus

Fionn explains what a BioBlitz is and what equipment and guides are useful to have before leading us through a blitz of his own back garden. The film is presented by Fionn Crombie Angus and filmed by Jonathan Angus.

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Rte Albert Nolan

Wildlife Safari: Albert Nolan

Spring in action with Albert and Harry and discover the beautiful wildflowers that can be found growing in your garden, woods and hedgerows. This film is presented by Albert Nolan with assistance from Harry and Lucy.

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Rte Marina Violet

Music of the Plants Part 1 (Violet): Marina Levitina

An introduction to the Violet in springtime in an Irish woodland through music and art. This film is presented by Marina Levitina.

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Rte Marina Beech

Music of the Plants Part 2 (Beech): Marina Levitina

An introduction to the Beech tree in springtime in an Irish woodland through music and art. This film is presented by Marina Levitina.

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Rte Beth Murphy

Let's go Fishing!: Beth Murphy

An introduction to the ancient world of weaving and basket making including step-by-step instruction from Beth Murphy on how to weave a fish from willow or materials you might have at home.

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Michele Castiaux Maps

How to make a biodiversity map of your garden

A step by step tutorial on how to draw a biodiversity/habitat map of your garden so that you can record where the different garden species are located.

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Mary Wallace Garlic

Let your imagination go wild!

An introduction to wild garlic as a native Irish herb that has been eaten in Ireland for thousands of years. Mary then describes how to make a delicious pesto.

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Paddy Madden Plant Past

A plant with a past

This tutorial links a common wild plant, Charlock or Praiseach Bhuí to the Great Famine. Evidence from The Schools’ Folklore Collection 1937-39 states that hungry people during the Famine ate this plant, nettles and carrageen when the potato crop failed.

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Albert Nolan Moths

Discovering the hidden world of moths

This tutorial will help students to discover and understand the hidden world of moths and their importance in maintaining a healthy environment.

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Maura Brennan Oak Gall

Oak gall ink: Maura Brennan

Early manuscripts such as the Book of Kells were created using oak gall ink. In this tutorial Maura demonstrates how oak gall ink is made and includes a simplified recipe which can be made from household vinegar. She also shares ideas for other plant-based inks.

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Ruth Marshall Riddle Poem

Write a riddle poem: Ruth Marshall

Listen to Ruth’s riddle poem about a heritage site in Co. Clare. She tells us things about the place, but does not name it. We have to figure it out for ourselves. Ruth will guide you to explore a place in your own area, somewhere you know well and then compose your own riddle.

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Ruth Marshall Knitting Needles

Knitting needles: Ruth Marshall

Before you can begin to knit, you need the basic tools - a set of knitting needles, and some yarn. Here, Ruth will show how you can make your own knitting needles.

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Chris Thompson Stories

A story to tell: Chris Thompson

The activity encourages children to consider questions about past, present and future through personification and the creation of a pictorial poem.

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Mark Wilson Lucky Spring

The lucky well: Mark Wilson

An introduction to traditional farm well and it's spring water.

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Aine Brosnan Time Travel

Time travel adventure: Áine Brosnan

An exercise for children encouraging imagination and creativity . Children are asked to think about day in school in the past and then to draw a picture or write a story.

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Kay Synott Insect Hotel

How to build an insect hotel: Kay Synott

This tutorial, filmed in a woodland, demonstrates how to build an insect hotel with materials found at home and in a garden or woodland.

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Nessa Darcy Beetle Backyard

Beetles in my backyard: Nessa Darcy

Learn how to create a pitfall trap in your garden to catch live ground beetles and other invertebrates.

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Martina Butler Woodlice

Dáithí and the Woodlice: Martina Butler

This tutorial shows children how to find nature (Woodlice) in their own back yard. Woodlice can be found in most outdoor locations.

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Dale Treadwell Bee Hotels

Solitary bee hotels: Dale Treadwell

Learn how to construct a simple solitary bee hotel with Dale and Nathan.

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Mark Wilson Hammers

The heritage of hammers: Mark Wilson

Mark explains how finding the perfect hammer and learning to use it for its purpose has endless possibilities.

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Mark Wilson Hats

The heritage of hats: Mark Wilson

Mark explores through reminiscence the stories and styles of hats locally and globally and shares his extensive collection.

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Niamh O Flynn Hedgerow

Native flora in our hedgerows: Niamh O'Flynn

Discover Hedgerows near you, what plants, flowers and trees can you find?

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Maura Brennan Nettles

Nettle cordage: Maura Brennan

Discover the natural resources growing near your own doorstep! Learn about sustainable plant fibres as we learn how to process nettles to make cordage.

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Susanna Anker Wool

The story of wool: Susanna Anker

Susanna demonstrates the story of wool from carding to spinning to dyeing and weaving.

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Roisin Cotter Potatoes

All about potatoes: Roisín Cotter

Growing potatoes is a huge part of our heritage. Learning how to grow potatoes is a skill for life and a small step in increasing the sustainability of our everyday lives.

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Kay Synott Bug Hunt

Let's hunt for bugs!: Kay Synott

A tutorial on how to find different invertebrates and how to safely trap and identify them using a pitfall trap.

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Martina Butler Seashore

Dáithí at the Rocky Seashore: Martina Butler

This tutorial shows younger children a little about some of the typical species that can be found in rock pools at the rocky sea shore.

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Nessa Darcy Two Beetles

A tale of two beetles: Nessa Darcy

Legend has it that two different types of beetle once fought over a juicy slug, but all may not have been as it seemed.

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Una Halpin 3 D Map

Making a 3D map of your walk: Úna Halpin

This tutorial encourages children to explore and record their local heritage by taking a walk locally and making a 3D map of what they have seen

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