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Rabbits were introduced to Ireland by the Normans as a source of food. Rabbits are herbivores and in the wild can live on grasses. They make burrows underground to sleep and breed in.

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The River Nore

The River Nore

The Heritage Office of Kilkenny County Council has developed 8 lesson plans, which will be useful for teachers of 4th/5th/6th class in primary school, on aspects of the River Nore's heritage.

Archaeology for Children

Archaeology Lesson Plans for Children

Would you like your children/ pupils to learn more about their heritage, and Kilkenny's archaeology, in a fun and education-centred way?



The nettle is a familiar plant to everyone - sometimes alas from the experience of getting stung by it! However it is a plant that has been highly valued in this country for hundreds of years.

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