Ian Patterson

Ian Patterson 1
Ian  Patterson 1
Curriculum Strands:
Living things (Science)
Counties catered for:
Cavan, Dublin, Meath, Monaghan
Classes catered for:
All Classes

Ian brings a number of fascinating, native birds of prey in to the class for the children to meet, including a barn owl, a buzzard, a kestrel, a peregrine and a wood owl. For the classes specialising in green flag work Ian can outline the importance of their conservation and their role as an eco system service. Some of the pupils and staff get to flying one of the birds - a unique experience. Also Ian can explain the concept of flight and how man has used these birds to design aircraft.


  • "We thoroughly enjoyed our visit from Ian and the children learned a lot of interesting facts about wild birds of prey. He brought along his owls, falcons and kestrels which the staff and children had an opportunity to fly. We look forward to inviting Ian to our school again in the future."
  • "A wonderful visit - thank you Ian!"
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  • "Very enjoyable experience for pupils and staff."
  • "The children were fascinated by the birds of prey and enjoyed putting on the leather glove and holding the birds."
  • "Ian was excellent with the children and the teachers both. He was very enthusiastic about his subject and kept all enthralled throughout."
  • "An excellent and informative display of live birds with children of all ages enthralled from start to finish. Ian has a fabulous manner with the children that encourages participation and learning."
  • "Very informative. Children engaged throughout. Question-based learning very effective amongst all class groups. Once in a lifetime opportunity given to children."
  • "The children were fully engaged in the sessions with Ian and his birds of prey - they had close encounters with the birds and were given the opportunity to ask lots of questions."
  • "Children were fascinated with Ian's birds, especially when they flew to them."
  • "The pupils got to hear about the lifecycle and habitats of certain species of owl. They also got to interact with the owls."
  • "Another wonderful visit. Thank you Ian!"
  • "Really enjoyable day!"
  • "We had a wonderful morning with Ian. The children were fascinated by his birds of prey. Anyone who wanted to fly the birds got a chance to do so. Ian is so knowledgeable and enthusiastic, and interacts brilliantly with the children. It was a pleasure to have him visiting the school." - Fairgreen NS
  • "The children always learn from and thoroughly enjoy a visit from Ian and his feathered friends."
  • "A very educational and interactive visit." - Drumacruttin NS

Additional Information

  • Caters for Special Needs
  • Provides practical/ hands-on activities

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Phone (Home):
048 38831849
079 09913527

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