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Science, History, Geography
Curriculum Strands:
Local Studies (History), Early people and ancient societies (History), Continuity and change over time (History), Environmental awareness and care (Geography/Science), Living things (Science)
Counties catered for:
Classes catered for:
All Classes

Before each school visit Cary and the class teacher discuss the outcomes that the teacher hopes for the children. Cary can recommend sites local to the school for particular historic periods or particular wildlife habitats. She can also help children explore their own school grounds and set up projects to encourage biodiversity around the school. Topics include exploring biodiversity, healthy soil, water harvesting, composting, understanding the role of mini-beasts & making room for them as well as gardening in the school grounds.

Before visiting a historic site Cary and the children discuss the place they are going to visit using images, artefacts, timelines and the childrens’ own stories. This discussion makes their exploration more self-directed and absorbing when they get on site. Back in the classroom, Cary uses a variety of activities including drawing and model building to record and interpret what the children discovered at the site. Depending on the time available she can also teach the children traditional crafts such as carding, spinning, felting and clay work where appropriate.

Longer term projects are made possible through the 5-series visit.

Cary is the author of The Traveller's Guide to Sacred Ireland and has travelled around Ireland photographing and writing about the ancient monuments in our landscape. She is involved in the development of the Ards Walled Garden Community Project and this year (2017) is developing a childrens’ garden on the site.


  • "A fantastic experience from beginning to end. Cary had all the hard work done with the trip well researched and was a fabulous guide working exactly at the level of the pupils. Local history came alive. There was a great mix of hands-on and listening. It was great to have a whole day of outdoor learning in November. Even after our trip Cary thought of us and sent on more maps so we could carry on our work and research."
  • "Carey was an excellent facilitator. The children learned a great deal from composting to planting seeds and transplanting seedlings, weeding and harvesting. they also had the opportunity to observe the lifecycle of the butterfly. Carey used age appropriate terminology, wonderful resources and ensured our school was involved in a local community project - the Walled Garden in Ards. It culminated in an open day where parents were invited to see the children's work."
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  • "Carey was very imaginative, practical and knowledgeable in her field of expertise. She was very kind and patient when working with the children."
  • "Pupils and staff really enjoyed the nature of this visit. Cary was full of interesting information and facts. She drew knowledge from the pupils by using excellent questioning techniques. Pupils really engaged with the hands on element to the day."
  • "A fantastic day from start to finish. Cary is just a fountain of knowledge. Cary was extremely well organised and interacted very well with all pupils. A really enjoyable day." - Gartan NS
  • "Such an enjoyable day for the pupils. They learned so much and absolutely loved the day. We were blessed.with beautiful weather so it made the outdoors part even more enjoyable. The children were really hands on and got stuck into building the Minibeast hotel at the end of the day. Cary was really knowledgeable and had the patience of a saint with our very excited 2nd & 3rd pupils. Thank you to Cary & all in Heritage in Schools"
  • "Cary was fantastic. She is very knowledgeable and has a great rapport with kids. We are extremely happy with our visits to date." - Ballymore National School
  • "We had a wonderful day with Cary. We marked out a natural habitat of bog land on our school grounds. We planted lots of seeds etc. We transplanted some seedlings into the veggie garden. We examined the natural habitats of the school grounds."
  • "Pupils and staff really enjoyed the nature of this visit. Cary was full of interesting information and facts. She drew knowledge from the pupils by using excellent questioning techniques. Pupils really engaged with the hands on element to the day."

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