School Feedback

'Heritage in Schools is a fantastic scheme particularly for a DEIS school as we can provide children with experience that would otherwise not be afforded to them.'

'Geoff Hunt  is a wonderful visitor to the school - one where both teachers and pupils look forward to his visit. Geoff is an inspiration to us all - he has such a wealth of knowledge of the natural world. From past visits with him, I myself have a greater knowledge of birds, river wildlife etc. Therefore it is much easier to discuss this further in the classroom. I would not feel confident teaching this aspect of the curriculum to the children, so Geoff is the ideal person to inspire them. They have learned so much from him. I think that this initiative by the Heritage Council to part-pay for these visits is wonderful and I hope it will continue.'   

'Grace Garde brought the topics alive for the pupils in our school. She referred to the curriculum and she used level-appropriate language to communicate with the children. She had a great rapport with the classes and she made the work relevant to the their experiences.  Grace used interesting and very suitable resources and the staff and pupils learned much from her expertise in the area.' 

'Gordon D'Arcy was simply superb with the children and staff. he showed his wonderful passion for the outdoors and local environment so well that he gave the children a huge amount of information. He drew, instructed, discussed and questioned the children really well. will certainly have him back in the future.'

'Geraldine O’Sullivan did an excellent workshop with each of the class levels and she made each session age appropriate to the group she was working with.  She was very well resourced and had a wealth of information on her topic and she kept the children engaged and interested throughout.  I would highly recommend her workshop to other schools.'

'Iain Barber brought a wide range of Viking artefacts which where very enjoyable for the children.  Children were given lots of chance to handle objects which generated much interest and discussion.  The classroom segment was delivered in a dramatic manner and engaged the children well.' 

'An excellent and informative display of live birds children of all ages enthralled from start to finish. Ian Patterson has a fabulous manner with the children that encourages participation and learning.'

'I could not say enough about Dave Swift's visit. He came so well prepared and his materials and artefacts were amazing. In the afternoon he did a talk on 'The Battle of Clontibret' which took place locally. We invited parents and grandparents in to the talk and it was a lovely afternoon as children sat in the class with their families and heard this expert talk about a local event. Again he had so many weapons and artefacts from the time as well as anecdotes and stores. All in all I could not recommend him enough. I am hoping to book Dave Swift again to talk to the Senior Classes about World War 1.'  

'This was one of the best experiences we've had with an outside facilitator. Melanie Lorien was so pleasant and engaging. Her workshops were well-structured and age-appropriate. Her ideas were fabulous and the boys had beautiful pieces of work in the end. Melanie also managed to cover some of the history and culture of straw craft as part of her visit. This is an exceptional scheme and of huge value to schools'.

Tina Keating had a great way with the children and the language and information used was very well pitched for their age group. there was a good mixture of activities. The children thoroughly enjoyed the day and the follow up worksheets were an excellent idea. They generated a lot of discussion back in the classroom. Tina was so helpful when contacted to arrange these fieldtrips. She answered all of our queries promptly and advised us of the Five Series Visit offer. As a result we have booked for 3 more trips for the autumn term.  

'Ciara Hinksman was a wonderful facilitator and tailored her workshop to meet the age and needs of our DEIS 2 pupils, while creating a fun active learning environment. A pleasure to deal with and speak to and an absolute pleasure to welcome into our school and into the active minds of our busy 7-8year old 1st class children. Truly dedicated and careful to engage all children while supporting different abilities, needs, challenges etc. A true lady and professional.'

'Colm Grant is a hugely popular visitor to our school. Our pupils learn a lot about our local natural area and they are developing a nature trail with his invaluable help and advice. We hope to continue working with him regularly. His knowledge and expertise are of great value to our staff and pupils.' 

'Ruth Marshall was excellent. The children loved listening to the stories and had a great time. Thoroughly enjoyed her visit.' 

'Fantastic day. Bill Crowe was superb. He had a huge amount of resources and materials to show the children and was so enthusiastic. The children thoroughly enjoyed the day. They learnt so much. This is my first experience of HIS - I will do it again in the future and I will highly recommend a similar visit to my colleagues in other schools. Thank you so much. Thanks to Bill who made the day for us all.'

'The children were fascinated by Eric Dempsey and the birds he spoke about. He gave the most wonderfully interesting child/age appropriate talk. The children were fascinated throughout the whole presentation. I have never seen infants and first class sit enthralled for as long as they did - Amazing!!'

'Geraldine O’Toole was fantastic with the children, she held them totally enthralled from the moment she began until the moment she finished. She adjusted her material and activities so that they were age appropriate and was an excellent source of information. Our school garden is looking fabulous and the children have been inspired to continue to care for it.' 

'Jessica Mason has a lovely way with the children, she is extremely knowledgeable. I would love to have her back to work with the children on our garden habitat.'

'Mark Nolan is an excellent facilitator. He managed my class very well, he kept their attention, he was respectful and he has a lovely calm clear manner. his explanations were clear and age appropriate. The children were completely captivated by his outdoor activities and were very excited looking for different insects. Even the day after on sports day many of the class were spotting different bees and insects. A very enjoyable workshop.'    

'Simon O’Dwyer was excellent. he was interesting and lively and interacted with the children throughout. They were entranced from the moment he started until he finished.  We couldn't believe the time.'

As usual a wonderful visit from Deirdre Keogh. The children had an opportunity to reap what they had sown earlier in the year. They dug up potatoes, carrots, onions, garlic and cut down the sunflower heads. They also weeded the beds and prepared them for the winter. Deirdre had brought cardboard to be laid over the beds to keep down the weeds and keep the soil warm. The excitement of the children when the potatoes were dug up was wonderful to see. They were squealing with excitement. Some of the children from the AS unit came to observe and were also so excited to see the vegetables come out of the soil. Some of the children got the opportunity to watch a spider spinning a web - silence! Wonderful! I cannot recommend Deirdre highly enough.