How it Works

The Heritage in Schools Scheme provides a panel of 160 Heritage Specialists who visit primary schools throughout the country.

The Specialist's areas of expertise range from bats to whales, from Vikings to the history of bread, from story-telling to traditional dance, and from charcoal making to military heritage, to mention just a few.

The value of the Heritage in Schools Scheme is in the richness and depth of knowledge it makes available to children and teachers. The primary aim of the Scheme is to encourage awareness of the genius of the natural and cultural world that surrounds us in our daily lives and engage children in a direct experience of their heritage, preferably outside the classroom.

The Scheme supports the stated aims and objectives of the Social, Scientific and Environmental Education (SESE) curriculum and provides an additional educational tool and resource for teachers

Through the Scheme, the children can also develop a knowledge and appreciation for the uniqueness of their locality through trips to local parks, woods, lakes, rivers, sea-shores, old graveyards, castles or churches or other places of interest through structured field trips with a Heritage Expert.

The visit is part-funded by both the school and the Heritage Council.

How the Scheme works

  1. Obtain approval for the visit from the School Principal or Board of Management.

  2. Select a Heritage Expert from the Heritage Experts list.

  3. Contact the Heritage Expert and arrange the date, time and duration of the visit.

  4. Plan the content of the visit with the Heritage Expert and decide what preparation must be undertaken by the expert, the teacher and the pupils prior to the visit.

  5. All bookings must be made in advance of visit with the Heritage Council. Please use our online booking system. Failure to book in advance, may result in the visit not being subsidised by the Heritage Council.

  6. The cost of the visit must be paid directly to the Heritage Expert after each visit. Travel costs are covered by the Heritage Council.

  7. A short evaluation form must be completed after each visit.

  8. The number of children participating in a visit by a Heritage Expert should not exceed 30.

  9. The teacher must remain with the class and the Heritage Expert at all times during the visit.

  10. The Heritage Expert is not expected to supervise pupils alone, or to visit for longer than the agreed time.

  11. Bookings can only be made for the current calendar year.

How much does a visit cost?

Duration of visit Half Day (2.5 - 3 hours) Whole Day (5 - 5.5 hours)
Cost to school €60 €100
Cost to Heritage Council €50 €100
Cost to designated disadvantaged school €40 €60
Cost to Heritage Council €70 €140

The Five-Series Visit (1 visit free!)

If a Heritage Expert visits the same school five times, for either five full days or five half days, during the calendar year, the Heritage Council will fund the total cost of the fifth visit. If you are interested in participating in this scheme please discuss with the Expert you have chosen and state this on the booking form when filling it in. All five visits should be booked together.